Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tada! The Corner



Now, I know this isn't technically finished, but it's as good as this corner is ever going to get. I'm all set for my starring role on Hoarders in about 25 years. Sorry, honey.

Christmas is finally boxed and put away, the knitting needles and patterns are sorted, the furniture is repositioned, and stuff has been gone through and either thrown away or put away. It all came at a price though, it turns out this is not an easy thing to do while recovering from a big deal hoohah surgery (see also: I suck as a mom, true story). I have strained things in here - in my family, inside of me.

I was snappy and ornery. Actually, downright beetchy. It is like I'm riding the PMS Express as soon as I try to do anything remotely physical. I'm only three weeks into this gig, and I'm so sick of it having me instead of me having it.

I've laid here like a good (impatient) patient and read about 8 books (one of those was even a 600-pager). I'm almost sick of reading. Can it be?

No, I just need to DO something. I need to be able to get out and walk and enjoy the fresh air, no matter how slowly. Unfortunately this valley is full of freezing cold, dirty air.

I wish I didn't screw up so much, I really do. I'm going to apologize and try harder: to be still, to heal, and oh yeah, to just be nice already, dammit!

Alright, moving on. Here is the gift I was telling you about:

My Aunt Moana (who also helps me with Ty and is my right hand these days) made this apron for me. I love it! Please note that I am only 10 days post-op in this photo and I've (mostly) moved on from wearing jammies 24/7.

Well, except for today. I'm too tired to even think about showering. Once again, sorry honey.

P.S. I recommend Matched, The Forgotten Garden, and Tangerine. And since I'll be trying to sit here and be good, which five star books would you recommend to me?


Anonymous said...

I liked Matched. Thanks for the recommendations. I like your apron. And I reeeally relate to the struggle with not being cranky any time I try to get my family to work with me. Today was a success, but three days ago was dreadful. So the war goes on.

Do take it easy. No more vacuuming, ok?

Tebbs Family said...

Someone recommended Room but I haven't had time to read it yet. I did watch the 4-hour BBC version of Emma (picked it up from the library) and LOVED it! I think even Blaine would enjoy watching that one with you... hang in there... your corner looks great! My kids have 4 of your "before" versions in each of their rooms--ugh!!!

Kristina P. said...

That picture of you is so cool! You look about 16. :)

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I have been cleaning like a mad woman this weekend, I wonder how long it will last.

M-Cat said...

GAH! I feel awful for you! Nothing worse than being down. Turns even the best of us beetchy (love that word now!)

grouchyteacher said...

You are inspiring me to clean my corner! Tomorrow, I promise, it will be clean. Have you read 39 Clues series? Fred and I have totally loved them.

Kimberly said...

Aw hun...this time is a blip. A crazy, ornery time you can look back on some day and say, wow, look how sane I am now compared to that.

You'll pull through. You already are.

Omgirl said...

I love cute aprons! I think I'm going to start a collection. Yours is absolutely FAB!!!