Sunday, December 12, 2010

Probably the best thing that's ever happened to Ty (all of us, really)

Today was a day full of awesome. Remember how we took Ty to The Lower Lights concert and then I vlogged about it? And then Mindy Gledhill saw it? Turns out that first, Scott Wiley saw it and suggested that The Lower Lights come sing for Ty some day.

Guess what! Today was that day. And it was full of awesome. Please indulge me here while I recap in photos.

Setting up:

For The Beauty of the Earth. Something interesting, Ty normally startles to any new sound but I didn't see him startle once during the concert. He was enthralled. And so were the rest of us.

I think, here, Ty is a little bit hoping that if he can't see us (and there was a whole roomful of people who've worked with Ty over the years, as well as friends who've supported him through the tough times) then we will all disappear

But I caught him peeking out at Mindy. He still has a thing for blond hair, you see. She sang Anchor for him and as soon as she started to play the keyboard he raised his head and kept time with his elbow. Normally he waves his fingers.

We also enjoyed hearing Come, Ye Children of the Lord, All Through The Night and their signature hymn, The Lower Lights. It was all so beautiful.

I love this shot. I know if there had been time that Ty would've loved to run his fingers across that banjo. Once, when he was in the hospital for chemo, a neighbor brought up his electric guitar and played for Ty. It took his mind off of how miserable he was feeling and he actually opened up his fingers when I put them across the strings of the guitar. Ty loves string instruments.

Paul Jacobson sang The Little Drummer Boy for a finale, and it was beautiful. You can get your own copy of the song on the Mary's Lullaby album (which is filled with beautiful Christmas music). Ty finally got vocal right near the end of this song and sang out. We are definitely adding this song to our collection.

Left to right: Brian Hardy, Paul Jacobson, Mindy Gledhill, Scott Wiley, and Ryan Tanner. They all have individual music careers, check them out.

What a great group of people, they touched us with their generosity and talent. If I could sing like any of them, I'd never be content with just speaking ever again.

And now, right now, you should all go buy The Lower Lights album, because Sundays should always sound this good. I've heard a rumor that maybe there will be a Christmas album this year, fingers crossed - please to pray for this.

The Lower Lights, not just great musicians, but spectacular people too.

Ty gave Mindy one of the poinsettias he grew (beauty for the beautiful) and before they left I gave the guys their own package of one of our Christmas traditions - homemade mints (sweets for the sweet). Thanks to Brenda for snapping this photo.

Can a day get more lovely and perfect than this? I don't think so.

What are you waiting for? Go "Like" The Lower Lights on facebook and start enjoying their music today, you'll be glad you did.


radioactive girl said...

How amazing!

Kim said...

What a wonderful experience for you & the family. Hope you got it on video.

dalene said...

Beautiful. Thank you!

Millie said...


How awesome that this wish came true. Thanks for sharing :)

whitneyingram said...

I am trying to find words clever and creative enough to try and explain how this makes me feel. But I am coming up short. Maybe just say it how it is?


This type of thing is what Christmas is about.

Elizabeth-W said...

Yea!! So happy for you all. And the fact they worked it in this time of year I think says something about them, too.

Deena said...


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I'm crying tears of joy for you right now! Such a beautiful post with amazing people and talent.

Kristina P. said...

Wow, I am so impressed! What good people.

Kalli Ko said...

I love it, I love it.

Their cd has been on my list for so long. Can I get it at Deseret Book? I have to go there anyway. One for me, one for Connie.

Merry Christmas Ty, you deserve it!

Queen Scarlett said...

So happy for you.

This is the Christian, Christmas spirit baby.

...just another reason to support this great group.

tawna6988 said...

This seriously made me cry while I read it, all kinds of awesome is simply an understatement. There are no words for how unbelievably cool this is! So happy for Ty and your family!

Tebbs Family said...

What an incredible experience for you all!! And something you all deserved... Glad Ty got that amazing opportunity!

Kimberly said...

I'm near to tears here. What a beautiful thing they did.

Emma J said...

Mindy looks like the angel she seems to be. I've loved her achy voice and honest singing fo some years now. Love, love Anchor. So glad for you, for Ty, for this wonderful experience.

dalene said...

p.s. I meant to tell you what a great time I had visiting with your offspring, too. Great kids!

Mrs. Organic said...

Thanks everyone for sharing in our excitement. This truly was a Day of Awesome.

Heffalump said...


M-Cat said...

What a great thing for Ty and for your whole family.

Stories like this are inspiring to get out and serve others more