Saturday, December 25, 2010

Newsflash: Navel Survives

Just in case you were wondering.

I pretty much feel like I just had a baby (I look like I did, too). They ended up doing a scope-assisted hysterectomy which means they filled my insides up with air - there is pretty much only one way for all that air to escape, and I assure you there is nothing lady-like about it.

They also gave me a spinal block with morphine in it. Holy Toledo does that stuff make you itchy! It's also extremely effective, and I can tell you exactly when it wore off.

I woke up this morning somewheres around 2 AM because my bladder was crying uncle, when wham! out of nowhere I was hit with the headache of all headaches. It subsides when I'm laying down, so I'm betting it has something to do with the spinal block.

My fingers and toes and everything are full of fluid, to the tune of about 8 lbs, but I don't dare take any diuretics for another week or so since my bladder is already maxed out. I totally look/feel like the Michelin Tire dude.

We celebrated Christmas with the family three days early, just in case my hospital stay ended up going longer than expected. Mr. O scored a great deal on a competition-grade Foosball table for the family. It's been a big success, and Ty loves listening to the sound of the ball being hit. Mr. O also spoiled me rotten and gifted me a MacBook Pro.

Reading over this, it's all very disjointed - let's blame the pain meds, shall we?

What was your favorite Christmas gift you received/gave?

P.S. Mr. O brought by a surprise package from Radioactive Girl - beautiful hand-dyed yarn and the cutest cupcake cookbook. It made my day. I love thoughtful people. I am already dreaming up some projects for this yarn. Thank you, Tori!


Dede said...

Oh my poor thing. I hope you have a complete and FAST recovery!!!

Queen Scarlett said...

hope you feel better soon and ... dang... cool hubby with the macbook!

Tebbs Family said...

Hope your "recup" time is quick and less uncomfortable by the hour! Fingers crossed the surgery "did the job!" And great score on the Macbook Pro. I have no desire to ever return to the "other" side... Merry Christmas!

Rachel Sue said...

I know that headache. I am soooooo sorry. I hope it goes away fast.

Sharon said...

Things have been so quiet over at the "groupies" that I went checking on people, and I'm glad I did! I hope you're recovering well. Take it easy for a while and feel better soon!

You're in my little prayers!


Heffalump said...

Glad you are recovering!
Money was probably my favorite gift. Is that sad? I generally don't get asked for a list, so at least I can get what I want with money, rather than depending on someone else's tastes and such.

Elizabeth-W said...

You'll be happy to know The Lower Lights CD was a smashing success at my parents' house.
We're all reminded how borrrring LDS sacrament meetings can be, musically, though. :D

Deb said...

Hope you are feeling *yourself* soon.

Kim N said...

I am so sorry! I had a spinal headache after my second baby and it is the worst pain I have ever felt. Did you get a epidural blood patch to make it better? I ended up having two of those because it came back, but it is amazing how quickly the pain is gone after they do it.

I hope you are feeling better and healing and I hope you were able to have a good Christmas in spite of your pain.

DC Stake YW Presidency said...

Hang in there. Wish I could be there to give you a hug and visit. Glad to hear you made it through okay as well as your navel. Love you! Kel

Emma J said...

Just adding my hopes and prayers to everyone else's. We've been thinking about you.

The Family G said...

I've been lazy about blog checking, and now I'm sorry I didn't know about your surgery. I hope you are healing and please let me know if I can do anything for you.



Omgirl said...

I don't know if that's the same way they do laproscopic surgery (cause they fill you all full of air for that too), but I always find the worst part of the surgery isn't the surgery or the post-surgery pain. It's the damn gas trapped in me that takes a week or two to go away. I always feel it up around my lungs and my shoulders. So strange and so damn annoying! (Sorry for the double damns. I just have so much empathy for you!)