Thursday, November 4, 2010


Turns out the dog's name was Minnie and she'd wandered about a mile from her family. To tell you the truth I'm glad we were able to get them back together. Minnie was a sweetie but she was also a digger and a door/gate scratcher. I have nose and paw prints everywhere. Plus she was an inside dog and I'm not an inside dog kinda gal.

This morning I was off to get my lashes, erm, relashified, when Ellie moaned from the back seat, I don't feel so well. And since she had been playing at being sick the past few days (because it is fun to have yermom wait on you hand and foot, dontcha know?), I didn't really believe her. And if there is one thing I've learned (now) it is that when a 5 year old tells you their tummy is gonna 'frow up, you should listen. Especially when you are hurtling along at 70 mph on the freeway and that child is sitting directly behind you.

Note to self: move car seat to other side of car.

Further note to self: stock the glove box with ziplocs

Further further note to self: the handi-wipes do you no good AT HOME, ON THE COUNTER


Heffalump said...

I have one who gets car sick easily. I keep plastic lunch bags in the car for the occasion.
I really want to find a place to buy air sickness bags. We got some when I was a kid at a military surplus store, and used them for when we were sick.

M-Cat said...

Oh EM Gee - I would have 'frowed up just out of pure sympathy. I'm like that. Gah - how did you stand it?

Elizabeth-W said...

Awww. :( (for both of you).

Anonymous said...

Oh dang I hate to say but that made me laugh just picturing it. Poor you, I am so sorry. I have also learned a lesson like that as well. If only they would give you more warning, or say this is for REAL. I guess you didn't get lashified. Kel

Omgirl said...

Too bad about Minnie. Well, I guess not considering her bad habits.

And SUPER too bad about the frow up in the car. EW!