Saturday, November 6, 2010

Colour Time

I don't know that I've ever loved November before, but so far I can say that I do.

Halloween? Not so much. The weather was so...meh, and I didn't even do our traditional creepy dinner complete with bubbling witch's brew. The poor kids. At least I remembered to take a picture of one of them - here is one of Nicole all dressed up.

Michelle made a cake for Ty's latest milestone birthday (he won't eat any but he might have some pumpkin pie - it used to be his favorite)

I have have cooked every night but one (and that was leftovers night), and even baked bread again. I have also likely tripled our gas bill with all the hot soaks I've taken in the last few weeks. Yes, I finally got desperate (read: cold) enough to vacuum the tub so I could use it.

I have started a new workout program with interval training and I pretty much am the suck. That's okay. I am trying and I will get better at it.

The fall colors have finally hit the back yard, so I snapped a few to remember it by.

I know quakies are a pain in the as..pen, but I love the colors and the sounds

So I will put up with the shoots in my grass.

Wisteria seed pods

The season's last roses

And I never know what I will find when I'm out there

Works of art, I tell you they're everywhere.

What's on your menu this week? (Giveaway on Monday to help you along)


Anonymous said...

Michelle look darling what a cute girl. The colors of your trees wow they are so bright and pretty. I miss those really vibrant colors. Happy big 18th Ty. I cannot believe he is 18 already. Time is flying.

Great pics-love the toad, looks like he is smiling and maybe he wants a kiss. Loves Kel

Elizabeth-W said...

Love that last one!

Tebbs Family said...

You always find great "moments" to share and your pix say it all--even though your words are expressive as well... Taking Grayson EAST this week (I know you're headed south--have fun!) I take all the kids to NYC when they turn 12 and so we are off for 4 days. Yay!

M-Cat said...

Um, did you say vaccuum out the tub???

Love the pics

The Family G said...

Ty is 18? Amazing how time flies. I remember house sitting for you when he was just a new born and you were painting Jungle Book Charicters on his wall. Happy B-day TY!

Heffalump said...

Wow, Ty is 18? Time flies!
My menu includes things like Crock Pot Split Pea soup, homemade chicken chimichangas, stew, fajitas and breakfast bagels (kind of like a McMuffin, only with bagels).

KarenC. said...

Can I just say...I LOVE YOUR BLOG.

cw said...

It has been a long and lovely far, for sure.

Emma J said...

I want to handle those seed pods. And me too! - about the dinner-making. Am I finally regaining balance? Or am I fooling myself?

Mrs. Organic said...

Yay for balance!

Anonymous said...

What great photos! The toad's amazing.