Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In Memory of Freddie Mercury

For those of you who may not know, today is the 19th anniversary of the passing of the lead singer of Queen. Now, normally this is not something I would know, but it is a trending topic on The Twitter - so there you are.

Ty has thing for that band. Like a really big thing. A few years ago, Mr. O gave me a video camera for my birthday and I decided to capture Ty's excitement for "We Will Rock You" on film. It wasn't until later that I discovered he was saying "Rock You" (and let me remind you this is from a boy who doesn't talk) with the song. This was during the time he was going through chemo - thus, the lack of hair.

Go ahead and watch and I dare you not to have a soft place in your heart for Queen after this.

Also, Mindy Gledhill happened to watch the vlog on my last post and has graciously offered to come sing for Ty. How incredibly awesome is that? Very! I am all verklempt. There are such good people in the world. Here is a video of our favorite song from her latest album:


Fig said...

I LOVE the video of Ty. Music is the language everybody speaks!

M-Cat said...

Love me some TY! Love me some Freddie Mercury and Queen. We lost a music legend when we lost him

Nikki and Ray said...

Who doesn't love Queen! Love this, what a beautiful boy Ty is! Rock on buddy!

Mr. Option Income said...

Notice how Ty gets excited right at the best part of this rock classic which is when the song transitions to Brian May's guitar solo! Go Ty we love you!

Mr. O.

tiburon said...

Forget Queen - I just fell in love with Ty!!

Omgirl said...

My very first record (yes I said RECORD) was Queen - The Game. I loved that record and Queen has always had a soft spot in my heart since then. Freddie Mercury's voice is(was) unbelievable. Ty has great taste!