Monday, September 20, 2010

Mondays are exhausting

Today I played Go Fish! with a five year old and got trounced. Soundly.

Then I spent the afternoon trying to find a cheap, quality sewing machine. Totally not as easy as it sounds. I also grocery shopped.

AND actually made dinner. Except that it was breakfast. But it was muy tasty even if I do say so myself. Then math homework all around. And a lavender foot rub for an insomniac five year old. Then more homework (every Monday it is the same).

Oh! And I squeezed in a workout which probably only works off ten of the @#$ peanut M&Ms I ate today.

How was your Monday?


Kristina P. said...

Much more boring than that! Although, I got to yell at a girl in our group who thinks she is apparently a rapper, and used the "N" word. Only in Utah.

M-Cat said...

My MOnday was pure hell and I am as glas as ever that today is Tuesday.

Thinking I am going to look into the Lavender foot rub

Anonymous said...

Wow you are one busy lady. I am tired from reading what you have been up to the last few weeks. Big guys room is looking really good. How did he think of that? I haven't fit a workout into my schedule for weeks, I am in dire need of a good one. Hope to see u soon. Loves Kel

Elizabeth-W said...

Grocery store. Clinic staff meeting.
3 hours creating new group therapy curriculum. Pick up kids. Homework. Dinner started. Piano. Finish/eat dinner.
Math homework freakout.
FHE cx'ed b/c of stomach flu of a family member.
Family history names entered 9:30-11pm

Elizabeth-W said...

Or, the other mondays go like this (2nd and 4th)
Pri Pres Meeting 9:30-11
Clinic 12 to 3
Pick up kids. Piano lessons. Homework, dinner, FHE.
and all the other stuff. As soon as 5th grader's teacher gets her stuff together I'll add in being in the classroom. Sigh. Mondays are my craziest day because they vary more than any other day of the week.

Mrs. Organic said...

ew -your monday makes me have sympathy tired, wow!

Omgirl said...

mmmmmm.....peanut M&M's. Totally worth having to work out.

Emma J said...

Monday? How many days ago was that? And with nothing to show for it here.

I changed beds over and over and washed many sets of sheets over and over and steam cleaned carpets and meanwhile cooked and ran to the grocery for sudden hankerings that might taste good and mixed and chopoped and stirred little dabs of things - some of which were eaten, some not.

And then came home to my own mess and no dinner for my own family unless you count butterscotch pudding one night and cantaloupe and pea pods with tomato-basil cream cheese (straight from container) as meals.

I know - WHINE, WHINE. It's not that this is hard to do, it's just hard for me. I've got to get some hustle somehow and breeze through and get on to the parts of life that energize. How do you do it?