Thursday, September 30, 2010

The last one, I promise*

I've taken Ellie for two separate 17 mile rides this week. Our halfway point is a park with an groovy set of monkey bars. Which, by the way, she can traverse like, well, like a speedy little monkey. She loves it, so we make sure to pit stop there.

There are quite a few up hills and one gloriously long down hill (to which she commented, This is so great! I was getting too hot and now I'm feeling a little bit cold. I love it!) on our route.

Anyway, we have this little system for navigating hills that goes like this:

Mom, are we going uphill right now?

Gasp. Yes. Pant.

Oh man, dis sure is a big hill, so I can't talk to you.

That's -huff- right -puff-.

I can't wait until we are on the downhill side of it.

In my head ('cuz my lungs are barely functional): Me either, me either.

Mom, did you hear me 'cuz I'm still gonna talk - only not to you, just myself. Becept out loud.

One other thing that happened is we hit a part of the trail where some doofus Parks & Rec staff member had poured fine sand about 2 inches deep next to a busy road. It was tricky to navigate without tipping the bike. I even had to hop off quickly, gashing the back of my leg with the pedal. I may have said, "That was damned dangerous."

How come mom?

Because sand hates bike tires and can tip you over and we are right next to a very busy road.

And when we got across to the other side, she said, Boy that sure was damned dangerous too. Dere is lots of sand all over that trail part.

Kudos to her for nailing the context.

*Except with how cute she is, there's bound to more material. I promise to keep some of them to myself.


Tebbs Family said...

Hillarious!!! I love Ellie's comments and understanding of comments...

Emma J said...

Oh please don't keep the riches to yourself! Makes me want to hit the road on my own two wheels!

Kristina P. said...

Will you take me on a bike ride next time?

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

So glad you shared with us today! She is darling, darling, darling.

sue-donym said...

The girl needs her own twitter page.

We will ride together soon!

M-Cat said...

Noooo - don't keep them all to your self! Make a special regular post of her funnies.

She is so damned cute!

Emma J said...

Can I just say how glad I am the dashboard reader gives me enough sentences of the posts you delete, too!

athena said...

you have the cutest little girl who says the cutest little things. i wish my kids were still that small. back when they use to like me. ;) and i just love reading your blog.

Mrs. Organic said...

Emma J - sometimes I just lose my filter completely, but she's so funny I have to record them.

Athena - Right now, I hope I survive my kids' adolescence. :)

radioactive girl said...

I love reading the things she says! Adorable.