Saturday, July 17, 2010

So, the garden

Um yeah, so the squash bugs are back. Apparently.

But let's not dwell on the disheartening. Look! Reddish tomatoes.

And the day lilies are out,

And the yarrow is blinding.

I love that there are new blossoms everyday

Even the wisteria has a certain grace

This morning my eyes popped open at 6 AM and they never, no never do that.

I made the best of it and suited up (I highly recommend this padded racer skort - it's on clearance at Park's if you're local)

Compared to yesterday's triple digit temperatures, this morning's ride was the stuff dreams are made of and the lighting at that time of the morning is beautiful. I rode along the foothills, on trail and off through two neighboring towns, and then took off down the mountain on city bike paths.

The road makes this roller coaster dip at the half-way point of my ride, and it's my favorite part of the trip. I book it down to the bottom, my legs churning like a house on fire. Down in the bottom of the hollow, large trees hang down obscuring all but the few feet ahead of me. It's at least fifteen, maybe even twenty, degrees cooler under all that greenery.

It's a divine, delicious coolness and just what a body needs after 11 miles.

This is just at the top of the other side, and left of frame is a chestnut horse who always edges up to the fence for a closer look.
I love being out when the sun comes up - words I never, no never, thought I'd say.


M-Cat said...

As always, beautiful pics! And I love sunrise. Something about running or on my bike at dawn is the most calming, peaceful thing!

Anonymous said...

Wow seriously great great pics. SERIOUSLY PROUND OF THE EARLY MORNING PICTURE. oh I hate when caps go on. Loves Kel

Kenna said...

such amazing pictures, you really have a talent

Emma J said...

You have totally sold me on that morning ride from your place. Expect me sometime mid-August. I'm bringing my bike!

Omgirl said...

You are such a good girl! I keep telling myself I'll go for a morning walk or ride, but it is too dang hot by 9am. I can't tear myself from bed at 6am, which is when I'd need to get up to keep from melting. LIke I said, you are a good girl!