Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ellie-isms Road trip edition, part the first

Does some people have blue hairs?

Does some people have every kind of colors?

I wanna have blue hair. Cuz I just like blue.

Can Jesus fly?

Where are we in? (multiply this question 100 fold)

Are we in the desert?

A desert is a kind of forest. There are are pokey trees, bats and monsters.

I wish I could fly on a bat.

There are Peppekins monsters here. They have really big beaks and no tongue. And if they bite you you will bleed. (aha, she means pelicans)

***And now I am kicking myself for leaving my notebook home. I swear my brain is a sieve.


Kristina P. said...

I think Jesus could probably fly.

Kimberly said...

Dang she's entertaining.

Though I imagine, in person, the questioning might wear after awhile...

Tebbs Family said...

She can ride in our car anytime cuz she's so dang entertaining!!!

Omgirl said...

I get the "where are we in" questions too. Sometimes I just sit there thinking, "how in the hell do I answer that??" and then she'll rephrase it to include a statement like, "the dessert or the forest?" and I finally get it. but heaven help me if I try to just ignore it. Ooooo, I"m in BIG trouble!

M-Cat said...

I know the feeling! And I have started carrying a notebook with me everywhere becuase of the whole sieve thing.

She's adorable. Easy for someone else to say right now huh?