Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mysteries Solved (and other perks of cleaning the basement)

This past Christmas I could not find our tree skirt anywhere, and believe me I turned the storage room upside down with my efforts. Ah well, we just wrapped batting around the base of the tree and pretended it was snow.

I tackled the storage room today (the entire basement really) and put it to rights. It looked like a 72 hour kit threw up in there. Two large trash bags and one box for charity later, I still hadn't seen a trace of that skirt. Well! I moved on to the kids' rooms.

I actually became my father. I did the thing I swore I never would and I piled everything from the floor and messy drawers on their beds. And then I told them they couldn't do anything until their beds were made and the room was tidied. Much wailing and teeth gnashing ensued. But! Their rooms are clean (for today, at least).

Still, no skirt. And really, I'd forgotten all about it. That is until I moved on to the family room and straightened the cupboard at the bottom of the hutch. One of the kids must have been using it for a hideout and had stashed the skirt and a throw pillow in there.

I decided to move on to greener pastures and tidy up the scrap booking supplies that reside at the bottom of my closet. Disclaimer: I do not actually scrapbook, but I think about it sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean never.

The girls like to raid the stash to make cards and it was in a horrible jumble. Without even the aid of a single Dr. Pepper, I plowed through it, straightening four boxes of supplies and bonus! discovered a pair of shoes I thought I'd never see again hiding at the back of it all.

I have vacuumed and dusted this place to within an inch of my sanity. My brain hurts, my back hurts, and I really need a Dr. Pepper, some high-quality chocolate (these measly chocolate chips just aren't cutting it), a hot bath and a good book.

What I really want is to hit the beach, and if I didn't have to drive 12 hours to do it I'd be there tomorrow.


Kimberly said...

I had a similar day today and also found a pair of lost shoes! Strange how something so exhausting can feel so dang good at the same time...

Loralee and the gang... said...

Our basement has the toyroom and two bedroooms, bath, and laundry room. It is also tucked away from sight, so it can get pretty bad...when we tackle that area, we know we've done some work!

Tebbs Family said...

I seriously laughed throughout the whole post! (a 72-hour kit threw up?--hilarious!!!) LOVE the pile everything on the bed method which I will definitely will try from here on out... You're a fabulous mom and you definitely deserve a 2-litre Dr. Pepper and at least a pound of quality chocolate!

Omgirl said...

It must be spring fever. I've been organizing a lot too. I bet you're so stoked to find that tree skirt! I hate not being able to find something I need like that.

tiburon said...

I can completely feel your joy. At the beginning of winter I tore my basement apart for DAYS looking for a box of clothes that I just knew was down there. And it was making me crazy.

Found it today... Now that it is too warm to wear the clothes. Awesome!

Glad you found the skirt!

radioactive girl said...

Glad you found it, and the whole story is very funny.

I just went on a cleaning freak out too and actually have the desire to put all the stacks of pictures we have into photo albums. I used to scrap book until I realized I hated it so now they are just going into a pocket photo album so the kids can look at pictures of recent times instead of only getting to look at their baby pictures.

kado! said...

our basement flood has forced me to reorganize ours too...not what was on my to-do list, but sometimes things change that!