Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Slo-Mo Moment

I've never been attacked by a piping hot sample of Tomato Bisque before. It's not something I'd care to repeat.

The sales girl brought to sample cups to the counter for Michelle to taste (she was suffering from brace-face and in need of soft foods, STAT) and plopped them down. What with physics being what they are and all, that tomato bisque flew right out of the sample cup landing squarely on my chest and brand new (formerly cute) jacket. It was like something right out of The Matrix only I couldn't manage that back-breaking layout to dodge the basil-tomato bullet.

We both stood there open-mouthed -me because Holy Hannah! was that soup ever HOT and she because (in her words) Well, that's never happened before.

Finally I managed to gather some composure and squeak out Can you get me something, it's burning me! You'd be surprised at just how much havoc two tablespoons of soup can wreak. I soaked the jacket, but haven't had the heart to see if it's stained. In such a case do I cut my losses and buy a new one or ask for compensation? I'm inclined towards cutting my losses since it was an accident, I think.

But I'm normally such a crusader for justice that inclination somewhat surprises me. I'm just pleased that I didn't let any un-ladylike words fly. Especially in front of my daughter.


Kristina P. said...

Was this at Zupas?

Omgirl said...

I think it all depends on how she reacted. If someone reacts like they're really sorry and they try to make amends, I'm prone to let it slide. If they act nonchalant or like they dont' give a crap, I'm likely to make a huge stink and demand the manager!

Sorry about your cute jacket. That sucks!

Elizabeth-W said...

I'd ask for them to maybe pay the drycleaning bill.

Anonymous said...

Wow I am impressed with the self control on the language. I say if she felt bad and really meant it I would cut her some slack. I bet she felt awful, I know I would. Stinks about the jacket, let me know if you get it out. KEl

kado! said...

Where were you? they should definetly pay for the cleaning!

Nancy Face said...

DOUBLE OUCH! Your poor burn-y chest, and your poor new jacket! :(

I don't think there's anything unkind about politely asking for cleaning (or compensation if the jacket is permanently stained). Most good businesses want happy customers so that they will return. :)

andrea said...

I'm guessing Zupa's as well....only place I know of with hot soup samples.

In honor of your experience, I stood back as the girl was placing my sample on the counter last night....just in case.