Saturday, November 14, 2009

Quiz Time - Analyze Yourself

1. Are you updated on current affairs? Do you follow the latest news?
I'm a bit of a news junkie, really. I've tried to wean myself from 24 hour news stations and all talk radio, but every once in awhile I get sucked back in (Balloon Boy, anyone?)

2. In a one-one conversation, do you talk more or do you listen more?
I suppose it all depends on the situation, because I can do both. There are times when all someone wants to do is vent. They don't want advice or reassurance, they just want to be heard. But there are times when people call me for help with advocating for their child's educational needs and I do most of the talking after some brief fact-finding. I think I love both (talking and listening) equally.

3. Do you like trying out new things like visiting a new restaurant, trying out a new sport, etc?
The truth here is very unglamorous. I'd like to think of myself as adventurous, but I'm not. The few times I've tried something new it hasn't exactly gone well, for instance: sushi. Blech. I wish I liked trying new things, but I don't.

I have forced myself to get out and meet more people over the past year and I've enjoyed it. I still have some social anxiety over it because I am prone to say stupid things, but maybe with practice I'll get better.

4. Do you devote time to your dress and appearance before you go out?
I love getting dressed up and looking nice. I haven't always cared about the details, but jewelry and make-up (just the right amount) add lovely finishing touches. I want my husband to enjoy looking at me and besides I feel at least 100 times more confident when I feel pretty.

5. Are there any secrets about you that you haven't shared with even close friends?
Honestly, no. Except for maybe my most embarrassing moment and thank goodness that happened in front of family who I can trust to remain mum on the subject. Otherwise, I have no secret unshared.

6. Are you game for adventurous stuff?
Before marriage I was. I was far more social, adventurous and had a lot of spunk. Now my spunk is mostly channeled into making sure my son's medical and educational needs are being met. I would love to try something adventurous - maybe skiing - but I do enjoy walking and the one time I skied, my hips wouldn't shut up about it for days. I'm open to any and all suggestions for becoming more adventurous. As it is now, running in the dark is the extent of my adventurousness.

7. Do you manage to get introduced to new people in parties and indulge in long conversations?
Yes. I find people to be absolutely fascinating and adore hearing their stories. Still there is room for improvement here.

8. Are you a well-read person?
Egads, I've got a long way to go in this department. I love to read but my breadth and depth are severely lacking.

9. Are you a well-traveled person?
Not really, but I'm working on that.

10. Can you make people laugh?
Especially when things seem to be at their bleakest. Perhaps that's inappropriate, but then there you are, that's my social anxiety coming out.

Are you a confident person?
1. Can you choose a new outfit alone?
Hah! Have you seen my feathers outfit (now safely returned)? Okay I did keep the skirt, but seriously, feathers?! What was I thinking? Also, at this time, I'd like to point out the merits of a good bra in alleviating the gravitational pull brought on by nursing five children. Also, sucking in makes you look thinner but, perhaps, also slightly constipated.

While I enjoy dressing up, my taste in fashion is more like my taste in music - rather dated. So I think it's brilliant that I know this and take someone more fashion savvy to shop with me. Thank you Kenna, Kelley, and Tammy. Obviously I cannot be trusted on my own.

2. You walk into a room full of people. Suddenly you find everybody watching you. Do you become terribly self-conscious?
Heck no, I'm so fascinating it happens all the time and I'm just used to it (insert eyeroll). I might sneak to the bathroom for a quick teeth check or to make sure my shirt isn't on inside out.

3. You reach the airport to find that your flight got canceled in the last minute. What would you do?
Try to get on the next available flight and head to the airport book store to stock up on reading material or whip out my latest knitting project.

4. You enter a posh restaurant to find everybody else in formal clothes. You are wearing casuals. Would it ruin your evening?
No, but if I were the only one dressed up, I'd be far more embarrassed. I'd probably explain it away by saying I had another engagement and that I needed to leave early.

5. You are at a job interview in a big corporation. Suddenly you find out that the CEO himself is conducting the interview. Do you panic?
Yep. Sad, but true.

6. You are attending a seminar. Suddenly the speaker wants you to come on the stage to give your views. Will you get jittery?
Maybe a little, but only because I hate hearing my voice through a microphone. I'm definitely getting better at this.

7. You are enjoying a party with your new date. Suddenly your ex walks in. What do you do?
I know having an ex is like a fashion accessory these days, but fortunately I'm not in that situation. I hope never to be in the dating scene again, I can't imagine that kind of awkwardness.

I do have one small instance that comes close. I was invited to a wedding reception of someone who was a younger sister to someone I'd dated seriously before meeting my husband. I had been very close to his family (his mom had even sewn the bridesmaid dresses for my wedding). He'd been my best friend and while I think he only wished for my happiness (and I for his), it was still awkward to be in the same room, he with his beautiful family and me with mine.

You see I had met Mr. O while said formerly Significant Other was serving his LDS mission. I informed him (by letter) of my pending marriage to Mr. O when he had only 8 months or so left before he'd be home. There really hadn't been an understanding between us of a future together, only the possibility of one. We never really had the opportunity to discuss things but I have run into him at several social occasions over the years - there has been nothing but awkward silence or brief introductions since, because what else is there to say? (Especially since Mr. O bears a slight resemblance to him).

8. Are you afraid of visiting families that have suffered a death?
I'm afraid only of the saying the wrong thing. I have been around death more than I care to and in a way it feels like a preparation for things to come.

9. Would you go and visit a dying person?
Of course, especially if it is someone close to me. I watched my grandmother take her last breath and saw the change in her body as it went from housing the spirit of someone I loved to a mere empty receptacle.

10. If someone embarrassed you in public, you would you react?
My tendency is to flush all sorts of hideous shades of red. Sigh.

Are you a crafty person?
Click here to take Travelin' Oma's Crafty Quiz. I'm happy to report that I got all but three correct. I am a bonafide Craft Nerd.

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