Thursday, November 12, 2009

No words

I think it's said that Hard Things come in threes, I just didn't realize they would all come on the same day. So if you're the praying type please consider:

My cousin's little girl, Serenity, who has been admitted to the hospital with a fever of 103.1 and what they suspect is the flu. That is not good when you're a Leukemia patient. They've had other bad news this week as well.

A neighbor who has been admitted to ICU with multiple blood clots in her lungs and an infection in her port. I don't even have words for how sad and broken I feel about this.

(There is good news though the third situation is still a hard one). A friend who's daughter is in PICU with double pneumonia and when she was first admitted the doctors held out very little hope. Ellie has shown what a trouper she is and fought her way back to breathing on her own. She was extubated two days ago and is now off the ventilator and receiving blow-by oxygen. That's a remarkable improvement! We are still waiting for word that her xrays are clearing, but I think she can beat this thing.

More than ever I am grateful for my own family's good health because I know just how fleeting and precious it can be. Hug your kids, hug your spouse, hug your mom, hug your dad. And then, please pray.


Emma J said...

All this illness around - a little girl in our neighboring ward died this past week - and we are so used to shrugging off sickness - cold, flu, just a few days off our usual schedule. But now, worrisome.

I'll pray for these you've mentioned.

Nancy Face said...

I will pray for them.

Heffalump said...

I'll pray for them too.

Anonymous said...

Life is rough. GLad you are all doing well at your house. Sorry to hear about the others, this is when I wish I had a magic wand and could make everything better. Kel

Omgirl said...

That is scary. All three things. I will say a prayer for them.

Mrs. Organic said...

Update - Serenity is home and our friend's daughter is recovering nicely (she might be home within a week). As for my neighbor, it is still extrememly serious.