Monday, November 9, 2009

The Ice Queen and the Good News

Today Ty had an echo cardiogram to make sure his heart has not developed any problems due to the chemo he received two years ago. He'll have to go in every year just to make sure it's still alright. He's got a good, strong ticker and I'm not worried.

Next he had an ultrasound of his leg to check for blood clots. It was taking a little more time than normal, when the doctor actually came in (without being asked) which means he'd been monitoring the screen remotely and seen something he wanted to get a closer look at.**

Fortunately there were no blood clots, only a couple of suspicious masses.

Don't worry, the oncologist actually went downstairs and discussed things with the radiologist. There is only the potential for a bad situation and not an actual emergency. We were referred to another department that will take it from here. We'll see them in December.

(Aside: what is it with snotty receptionists? I was bewildered by her ice queen demeanor. I really felt I had been nothing but peaches and cream to her and she had to go and whip out her freeze ray, making her doctor's office all exclusive and junk. She didn't give a rat's you know what that ONCOLOGY (you know the people that take care of CANCER patients) had sent him down because it was kind of a big deal and that he'd already had the required scans. Nope, she wanted a letter from God stating why he needed to be seen by their office. Honestly, some people.)

All in all it was a good news day, even though we don't have all the answers yet.

**apologies for leaving my prepositions hanging out in the wind.


b. said...

I'm so glad the news was good...I hope it stays that way.

I don't know why some of the offices up there have to act that way. If it's any comfort-they practically treat us the same way when we are referring physician to physician.

Kristina P. said...

This is great! And sorry about the crappy receptionist.

Kalli Ko said...

dude, I just want to know what it is about dr's office receptionists and cold dead hearts, it's like a job requirement or something.

No bad news is good news, right? Hooray for Ty!

kado! said...

glad the results look good!

...what is up ice queen receptionist? We had one this week started to ruin my day...rude people!

...oh..and...if you're looking at your site meter...don't freak out about how long I've been on your blog....i opened it and then had to run around doing 100 things...forgot I had opened it...and now I'm back to comment! ;)

Up in Bubbles said...

How rude!

I am so glad his heart is ok, and hope everything else checks out. loves kel

tiburon said...

Hooray for good news!

And I am with you on the snotty receptionists.
Why do they put people in a customer service position when they are so dang ornery?!?!