Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby on sugar

I had really wanted to include the 30 second of video we shot when Ellie was pumped full of sugar. It was like "David at the Dentist" only in very high speed and partially upside-down. My computer has other ideas and is holding that clip hostage.

I shall attempt to divert you with the observation that every, and I do mean EVERY, teen-aged boy since the dawning of time has felt the need to measure his testosterone against that of a father figure via strength, endurance, and feats of great skill (ie, all the jumping while walking under door frames that goes on around here).

Only problem is that most of these boys do not know how to tell when the *fun* has taken a turn for the Help! get me outta here. Meaning that they push and push until the father has to play back for serious in order to put the whole matter to rest. Maybe it's just at our house that the boys like to get into games of wrestling, dead arming, and hit me harder - the only problem is these games rarely end well for the younger generation.

One should only press his luck so far. I'm just sayin'.

Do your boys do this? Or is it just mine?


b. said...

Happens at our house too...a lot of times I have to step in to save somebody.

Elizabeth-W said...

Totally happened when I was a kid with my dad and brother.

andrea said...

Not happening yet here...but my lone boy is six....but thanks for the warning. Although, by the time our boy is 16, his dad will be 55(*gasp!*) so maybe he'll have enough respect for the elderly to play nice?! ;D

Tebbs Family said...

John and Garrett--every night!

kado! said...

have not had this yet...but my oldest is the very calm type...they compete in video games youngest i'm sure will be the physical challenge!