Sunday, September 6, 2009

Right out of Dr. Suess

These are shots from the Silver Lake Reservoir trail. It was overcast when we arrived, and the sun started to peek out just as we were leaving.

And then we stumbled across these beauties - right out of Dr. Seuss' Sleep Book.

Aren't they the most amazing, graceful puffs?

I don't know what these are called, but they were everywhere.

Purple and yellow were the colors of the day.

This looks like a coreopsis, but I'm no botanist.

Dock weed - the name of which always made me giggle in junior high and the smell reminds me of days at The Ponds.

It was a gorgeous day.

These ducks reminded me of Heff's synchronized swimmers picture

Tibble Fork Reservoir where Mr. O once (and only once) attempted to teach me fly-fishing. 'Nuff said.

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Tammie Lee said...

This is a wonderful post. That first landscape is wow wow! The flowers gone to seed might be one of the Avens. I have seen mountain avens that look like that. Fun to see!

Naturegirl said...

Stunning images! Oh my Nature at it's best! Thank you for sharing!

Arija said...

A lovely nature post with wildflowers and their habitat. The littl white star/daisy shaped flower is a wild Aster.

Up in Bubbles said...

Beautiful, it really makes me miss the west. Great pics.

Tulip said...

fantastic shot of such a unique powder puff white flowers and dainty yellow one.

my entry

Regina said...

Awesome and amazing!

Kim N said...

Beautiful photography. I love the one of the puffy white one. Let me know if you find out what it is!

Anonymous said...

That's such a pretty place. I wonder if I can drag my family for a hike there on Saturday.

Mrs. Organic said...

You should, but be aware that your car may fall apart on those washboard roads. The ruts have gotten far deeper than I remember them.

andrea said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.