Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just do it!

Homework: Do any or all, or be inspired. (If your real life is too real right now, be your own private tutor and do an assignment in your head.)
~Search through the drawer in your heart. Are there memories that shaped your self image? Write about a time when your feelings were hurt. Why do you think you still remember the incident? How does that help you understand yourself better?
~Describe yourself from a friend's point of view. Does she know the real you? Do you want her to?
~As a trusted mentor, write a letter advising yourself what to do about a current situation in your life. Prompt: "Dear Friend, I know you're worried about ____. Knowing you like I do, I'm sure you feel____, but I trust your instincts. You seem so____."

Dear Mrs. O,

I just wanted to take a moment to write and tell you that I've been thinking of you, and I know how hard it must be to make these kinds of decisions.

But I also know that you never make them lightly, you get as much information as you can, study and weigh out all the options. I don't know anyone who can break a difficult matter down into all its essential pieces as well as you.

That said, dear friend, you cannot put off actually making the decision interminably. You've just got to let go of the old and make room for the new. Commit, decide, and come what may, live with the choice you make.

Remember that Nike said it best, "Just do it!"

You've been going over this for four years now. The money is all saved up. It's time. The family beast has served you well, but it's time to donate her to Kars for Kidneys.


Your BFF

P.S. I like the shiny, silver one with the satellite radio.

Go to school, already.


Up in Bubbles said...

If this means you are getting a new car I am thrilled for you all. It is about time. You are going to love it, whatever it is.

Elizabeth-W said...

The money is all saved up?! I'm getting nervous. Is she going to run away?!!! :D

Emma J said...

Ooo! I think I like the shiny silver one with satellite radio just by that description!

Travelin'Oma said...

Great advice. And think of all the kidney folks who will be excited about your decision, too!

Anonymous said...


Our minivan's ready to be replaced, too, but we'll probably wait until it's good and dead and leaves us high and dry in some sort of emergency.

Queen Scarlett said...

oooh... I love shopping for new cars... you know Nov is a great time to go looking... that's the best time for deals - the new models coming in...they want to move inventory...and now more than ever!

Do you know what types you're looking at? This is so much fun!

Mrs. Organic said...

Honda and Toyota minivans, only ours have to modified to accommodate a wheelchair and there's only two places we can get them from. I actually have to fly out to Minnesota and Michigan to test drive them. This may be why I've put it off for four years.