Monday, June 8, 2009

Avast Ye Maties!

E: What is "shipses"?

M: Do you mean "What is a ship?"

E: No, I said shipses.

M: Do you mean like boats on the water?

E: No, I mean like that last time you burned your thumb on that hot pan. That shiptses. Remember?

M: OH.

I cannot remember the last time I burned myself. That girl has the memory of an elephant - and also I guess I had better stop burning myself.


Kristina P. said...

So, I'm guessing that shiptses is another word?

Anonymous said...

LOL! My mom was pretty chagrined when I was a tot and used to say a word very like "shipses" because I'd heard her say it.

Rose has been experimenting with potty talk lately -- I had to take her out of Sacrement Meeting twice yesterday (and it's a funny story but yet probably not one I should put on the web. I guess.)

Mrs. Organic said...

No, no you should. Please tell it, it sounds too good to pass up.

Elizabeth-W said...

Love it!!

Tebbs Family said...

I am laughing hysterically...!

andrea said...

Stop burning yourself or find a new exclamation!

My Ellie learned "crap" from me.....nice....I told her we don't say that(& had to make sure I don't say it either!), so she quit for a week, but then she started coming up to me telling me she said "crack". I didn't get it at first but then realized that she forgot what the original word was! I'm at a loss of what to do can I punish her for saying a word that is just fine, but that she thinks is a naughty word?!

Mrs. Organic said...

When I told Ellie "We don't say that, it isn't nice." Her response was an ethusiastic, "Who cares?"

I'm totally flunking out on this mothering gig.

Nancy Face said...

That's hilarious! :D

JENNIFRO said...

AWESOME! Forever my kids thought fart and crap were the TRUE cuss words. They've since wised up and so have I?????