Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garden Color

When I left on vacation, my yard was on the cusp of color. I was afraid I would miss the brilliant show.

Guess I just got lucky.

Tomorrow is P-Day. P is for planting, and I expect to get mud under my fingernails no matter how good my gloves are. Muddy nails means lots of yummy food in two-three months, so I don't mind a bit when I have to drag out the old scrub brush.

The strawberries should be on any time now and the Peony and roses look like they might make it for Memorial Day (fingers crossed). My lilacs always bloom later than everyone else's so I've cut a few branches to force on my kitchen window sill.

We have another big project planned for the garden with lots of pictures to come. We're trying potatoes (four varieties) and artichokes - yum! Happy Planting!


Kristina P. said...

4 varietiesof potatoes? That's awesome! And I love artichokes.

Anonymous said...

Pretty! We're hoping to get our garden planted tomorrow, too -- nothing fancy, just a few standard garden-variety vegetables. :)

Are you going to tent the artichokes during the winter, or do you have a greenhouse? We wanted to plant those last year but when I read the seed packet we found out they take something like a year -- or was it two? before harvest.

Mrs. Organic said...

I think it's two years and I've got them in a spot I can put a home-made cold frame/greenhouse over. We love artichokes so we're game to try it.

Nancy Face said...

I'm glad you didn't miss the blooms!

andrea said...

Beautiful Wisteria. I'm glad some people can grow stuff. Enjoy that green thumb....mine proves year after year to be black! :)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I "need" a wisteria! I posted a garden colors post, too! I guess we're on the same wavelength!