Thursday, April 30, 2009

When Venn is not Zen

I have not had time to write these past few days, or even think really. And let's not talk about going to the bathroom. Mr. O is treating me to a wonderful surprise (more on that later) and many preparations, lists and basically, the juggling of Heaven and Earth are needed.

Anyway, miracle-making = no brain power reserves.

You know that Facebook lady in your head - the third party narrator (thank you Millie!)? Well, she's taken up residence, except that I cannot think in complete sentences only snippets of correlating information. If only Venn Diagram status updates were possible - it would be Twitter/Facebook Nirvana for geeks.

Circle One: Boys
Circle two: The One Time You forget to Check the Pockets
Overlapping: Crayons in the Dryer

Circle One: You - at your ugliest
Circle Two: Running into someone you haven't seen in ages (they look amazing)
Overlapping: Arch enemy OR Old flame/Ex

Circle One: You - at your prettiest/hunkiest
Circle Two: Running into anyone you know
Overlapping: As if

Circle One: Upcoming Photo-Op
Circle Two: New Lip Plumper
Overlapping: Allergic Reaction=Ginormous Mouth

Circle One: No Milk
Circle two: You notice
Overlapping: Sunday OR Midnight

You must visit Indexed to fully appreciate how awesome this would be. Tell me, what's in your Venn?


Kristina P. said...

That website is so funny!

Millie said...

I see my name!!

OK, I'm glad there's a website to explain this... I was so like, "Huh?" and "Whaaaa?" and "What the?"

Anonymous said...

These seem to me like they took plenty of brain power. But I do know the high-stakes game of getting ready for a getaway, and I feel for you. And am cheering for you.

How 'bout:

Circle one: Total exhaustion
Circle two: Pure joy
Overlap: Caring for a new baby

andrea said...

You make me laugh, and I needed that! I'm so jealous of your getaway. I'd take one. Even if was in Lehi. As long as it was to a hotel with black-out curtains and a comfy bed. With a masseuse!

I'm out of milk. Hate it when it happens on Sunday, but at least when it happens at midnight on all other days, there's a Walmart close by for all our shopping needs...

Shawn said...

ok, I'm still a bit confused---but I guess I get it...yeah....uh, is so cool! What a neat idea!

Mrs. Organic said...

I know, I need to draw a picture. It doesn't read well, sorry.

b. said...

Maybe I'm weird...but I thought it read just right!

So funny...or not...sorry about the arch enemy/ex thing.

Elizabeth-W said...

Love that site! Thanks for the linky--I've never seen it before. There are some absolutely brilliant ones.