Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here a wolf, there a wolf - everywhere a Werewolf!

This is my vacation read. It is 560 pages LONG, and chock full of all sorts of werewolf details. Such as, werewolves are
C) er, have a strong sensual side and a certain affinity for whiskey and/or laudanum.

But, can I put it down? No - I've made it more than halfway and am now compelled to find out how it all ends. Mind you, it is not because the writing is so engaging that I cannot put it down, only that I'm in too deep to quit now. Do you ever do that?

So anyway, werewolves now seem to be cropping up in lots of places.

At the beach the other day, I noticed a guy (bless his heart) who was actually quite good looking from the waist up, but from the knees down? He was a hairy nightmare. He had to have waxed the rest of his body - no one can possibly have a shag rug on their shins and nary a hair up there in the chestal/forearm area. I am proud of myself for not snapping a pic of him (and oh, was it ever tempting). I suppose werewolves are entitled to a little privacy too, after all.

Last night, I dreamt of werewolves. Mr O had run to a near by neighbor's to help with someone who'd been attacked. All I could do was watch through the window as a werewolf approached him on his return. I warned the children not to unlock the door--no matter what!--and then I slipped out the front door to provide a distraction so Mr. O could get away. I ran out and hid behind a Jeep parked on the street, Mr. O was temporarily lost from view.

I heard a growl behind me and turned to see him. He had a wild look in his eye and his face had changed. Mr. O had suddenly sprouted a mullet and canines longer than Jacob Black's. And all I could think was I had told the kids not to unlock the dang door. Oh Schmidt!

Seriously, I have got to finish this book and soon (if you've read it, please just tell me how it ends).


Bree Biesinger Despain said...

You ain't really seen werewolves yet. Starting this fall, going until the fall of 2010, is what I like to call "The Year of the Werewolf." There will be many more (and hopefully BETTER) werewolf reads in the near future. And not ALL werewolves fit your criteria--though most of them do . . .

And I'm proud of you for not snapping a pic of that guy. Though I would have liked to have seen it :)

Millie said...

So he was a half-n-half?

Just skip to the last chapter and read it.

Kristina P. said...

Somebody needs a Smooth Away Hair Removal System!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Just read the last chapter and put yourself out of your misery aleady! hehe

Shawn said...

If they style their said (leg)hair, are they still considered werewolves?

Also, I just finished Book of a Thousand Days---it was a great book---easy read---but there was guessed it....a werewolf in it!

Whoops---now you don't have to read it!

Emma J said...

Being a decoy never works out in dreams. Why is that?

I love the pictures in your last blog - sorry, no way can I ignore the facial expressions! What a great-looking bunch you've got. I can't believe how much they've changed in the what? 5, 7 years? since we saw each other last :)!

Mrs. Organic said...

I can't wait to read Bree's book - I know it will be great (and witty). I just wish I didn't have to wait until next year's Spring Break to crack it.

Anonymous said...

I think I remember a night when I was a young child (11-12) when Mr O came to our house looking the same way!!!!! He was Peering through our back window....while mt bro and sis were watching a movie....LOL.... I am sure he might recall this??!!!

Anonymous said...

I felt that way with all the Twilight books -- which is why I still haven't read Breaking Dawn. My sister found something like Cliff Notes for Breaking Dawn online and read that -- maybe I'll have to do the same. (Even that sounds hard, though.)

I hope by now you've escaped the book. And that your vacation ended better than it began.

Mrs. Organic said...

Anon - that is one of my favorite Mr. O stories!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I remember it well. It was the first time I saw the original Night of the Living Dead we had the lights off of course and just when the zombies were about to take a bite out of the Mom... Big Sister Laura snuck up and smushed her face against the back sliding glass door and screamed. Tom and I jumped through the roof! I have never been scared so badly in my life!

Mr. O