Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nous sommes arrivés

We've arrived at our destination - pushed through all in one day. No children were injured (miracles of miracles!) in the making of said push, unless you count "plogged" ears. And also, Mr. O has now officially earned sainthood (I, however, am in need of parental detention and noise-cancelling headphones).

Ellie always thinks her deepest thoughts in the car:

At one of our pit stops we heard a meadowlark's song (my favorite harbinger of spring) and later when it began raining Ellie commented how sad it must make the birds. When I asked her to explain she said Because they have no clothes, so they get all wet and it makes them very sad. Yeah. (yeah is the new word that she sticks on the end of an explanation)

Earlier in the week, on the way to dance, the rain was coming down steadily. The wipers were on so I couldn't hear her very well.

E: Mom, how was the (unintelligible word) raised?

Me: Hmmm?

E: Same question again.

I still had no idea what she was asking me, so I turned off the wipers and pulled over.

Me: Please ask your question again, I don't understand.

E: Well, I never noticed before, but how does the rain get made?

Me: Ohhhhhhhhhh. (brief explanation of evaporation/condensation/precipitation ensues and is interrupted by...)

E: Oh! I know. A big tube comes down out of the sky and into the river and sucks all the water up into the clouds and then the clouds get too full and then the rain gets made. Yeah.

Me: Well sort of, but it's not quite like that.


Kristina P. said...

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Anonymous said...

So cute! And I think that's exactly how it looks in the textbook diagrams. :)