Thursday, March 26, 2009

Freudian slips (from people who aren't old enough to have them)

Ellie: Mom, I wanna watch Spongebob SPAREpants.

Me: Do you know who sings this song?

Child: No, but you better change it. It sounds E-licked.

Me: ???Whuh???

Child (looking at me like I am the world's biggest moron): You know, like it says on Itunes when there's bad words.

Me: Oh. You mean EXPLICIT?

Child: Why are my teeth this color?

Me: I'm afraid it's in your genes.

A couple minutes later, seemingly out of the blue -

Child: So if I stop wearing jeans and go back to shorts, they'll whiten up?

Me: I'm sorry, what are we talking about?

Child: My teeth, you said they're this way because of my jeans.

Me: Ohhhhhh. (realization finally dawning)

Right. So then we had a discussion about DNA and genes.


Elizabeth-W said...

I like that word Elicked!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

So funny! Glad you're writing them down.

Anonymous said...

Are these the ones you weren't going to post? I'm glad you did in the end.