Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dinners This Week

Chicken Caesar Pasta
Beef Bulgogi
Pizza -Takeout
Southwest Chicken Tinfoil Dinner
Chili's Chicken Enchilada Soup
Candy Chicken from Crockpot365 blog

And tomorrow? Roast with Garlic Roasted Vegetables

They all tasted pretty good, let me know if you'd like any recipes.

All in all, a mighty fine week. I'm hoping to cook at least 4 times next week - just so they don't come to expect it every night.


Kristina P. said...

They ALL look good!!

b. said...

Recipes please:

Beef Bulgogi
and the candy chicken crockpot one (i can look that one up)

You're a good cooker.

Mrs. Organic said...

b- I'll email you the bulgogi recipe (it's a crockpot one from my sis)

Terri said...

Hopoe you found your other recipes. I think they were by the phone. I should have copied them too. Love Mom

Shawn said...

WHAAA? You are too perfect for words! I am just hoping that I can make dinner twice this week and not pick up something at the salad bar in the grocery store more than once.

Elizabeth-W said...

Seems to me like you're still rockin'.
And I think allowing a 3 year old to have a 'weapon' is totallly acceptable.
(She's too cute!)

Heffalump said...

Did you like the Teriyaki chicken?

I have to admit to cooking pretty much every day. If I am feeling lazy, we will have breakfast, or a previously made frozen meal.

andrea said...

Loved the list....I looked up the Enchilada soup recipe and made it last night....yum! The candy chicken sounds interesting too, I'll have to look that one up. Now that I just saw the Chicken recipe you posted above, I'll have to try that one. My husband hates that I don't just have a few regulars that I cook all the time, but I get SO BORED cooking that way. I have to keep trying new stuff or I won't cook! :) So keep throwing these ideas out there! Thanks!