Saturday, February 7, 2009

More of the same

Coming up to me while I'm getting ready in the morning, Ellie announces we need to move.

me: Hmm, why?

her: It's my friends (her imaginary friends, I assume), they just keep popping up - they won't leave me alone. We need to move.

That statement makes my eyebrows raise.

Five minutes later:
her: If you open up my stomach there are sticks in there and the food goes down to my tummy and sticks on those sticks.

me: Wha?

said with much desperation while doing the potty dance
her: A bag! I need a bag, I need to go pee in a bag!

She has recently developed a phobia of the toilet water rising and coming out of the toilet to "get" her. I was downplaying her phobia until she came running to me with a demand for a bag in which she wanted to "go poop."

I do believe that last one has rendered me speechless.


Anonymous said...

Um, I think you've got a little genius child there. And for your sake I really hope you figure out a way to talk her into toilets rather than bags.

Elizabeth-W said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!
Just imagining her running to you with her little poop bag like people use for their dogs when on walkies.

Mrs. Organic said...

Imagine her saying -'s too late, I don't need it anymore.

Heffalump said...

My youngest son used to be afraid to poop in the toilet so he would use the potty training toilet instead and then empty it into the big toilet when he was done.

Kim N said...

Hehe, what a little cutie. I love the things that the 2-4 age group come up with.

Annie said...

I'm only laughing because it's your kid.

Emma J said...

Hey! - so fun to find you, thanks for the link! I laughed so hard reading abt Ellie that my youngest came in with a concerned look on his face to make sure I was all right.

So how long have you been going sugar-free? How's it going and how'd you start?

Summer said...

Funny enough my second child had toilet phobia as well. But he had good cause for it as the toilet did over flow right after he used it once.

Mrs. Organic said...

The sugar-free experiment went really well until about 3 weeks ago. I plan to get back into it again, so thanks for the reminder. I started by getting rid of any milk chocolate - dark chocolate doesn't tempt me - in the house. From there I also gave up any desserts, cookies, processed sugars except for those found in sauces (I will not give up my teriyaki). It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

I also drank a lot of water and if I felt a craving for the sweet stuff, I'd just add the Special K protein mix to my water. Let me know if you try it.