Monday, January 5, 2009

Some quilt pics

I know I've featured this quilt before, but I thought I'd post pics of some of the blocks as wells as give some explanations as to why they're in our quilt. I hope you're all enjoying the new year! Stop by Lara's blog to see what others are talking about.

I love stars - they remind us of Christ. The rippling quilting lines reflect that Christ's love can emanate from us and reach others.

The flowers signify the beauty around us and our love for gardening

More flowers and also a basket to show that it's important to share the beauty around us

The Tree of Life and the word virtuous

Another star - reminder to keep Christ in us

Snail's Trail (maybe an attempt at humor on my part - it took forever to finish this quilt)

A heart to remind us that there is Love at Home

Dresden plate - mealtimes are important family times

More flowers - Ty's sensory garden will always be a part of wherever we live

I cannot remember exactly what this one is called, but it does pay tribute to sacrifices made by those who came before us

The word hope and a log cabin block with a red center to signify that we're grateful for our home and the love in it

What sorts of blocks would you include in your family quilt?


Anonymous said...

I just tried to leave a comment but I think it died in transit. Anyway, I love the quilt; it's gorgeous and very creative.

Anonymous said...

I really like being able to see it square by square, and finding the meaning out behind them. I had no idea. This really is so beautiful, along with everything you make. If I could quilt is the real question. Then I could move onto what I would quilt. Kel

Loralee and the gang... said...

(let's try that again! I really should proofread before I hit send!)
Beautiful quilt squares! I love fabric, and colors and patterns, and I love putting them all together. That's my favorite part of quilt making. Our family quilt would include a deer head, a truck, and a football block for the boys, and a piano, a sewing machine, and a guitar block for the girls, and a larger block of the Seattle Temple in the middle!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I especially love hearing about the meaning behind the images.

Lindy said...

Beautiful! I love how the colors work together. You are very talented! What a wonderful family heirloom you have created.

Elizabeth-W said...

Gorgeous!! I'm not clever-I can't think of anything--maybe some musical stuff for Shazzy and for the pianist and the belly dancer. ;)

dalene said...

I love love LOVE it!

Kim N said...

The quilt is beautiful! A few things that come to mind that I would want in my quilt are piano keys/music, something to represent a mother and daughter (for me and my mom and my daughters and I), hands (grandpa's hands, grandma's hands, Christ's hands, my babies hands), ummm....chocolate, windows, sunshine, and I am sure I could think of many more!