Sunday, December 21, 2008


In her larger-than-life voice during the quiet part of church, Ellie asked me, "Mom can we go to da store after Snackrament and get me some juice an a samich, 'cuz I'm so so so so so hungry."


Up in Bubbles said...

Cute little thing. George very loudly during the sacrament kept saying I have to take this sweater off it's making me have to poop. I think everyone around could hear there were plently of smiles and laughs.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Well of course she would need a real meal after such a small snack.

I know all about those larger-than-life voices, I've got a couple daughters gifted with voices that reaaaally project.

b. said...


Well, at least she's got the right idea for the name of the's what I like to do!

Silly girl.....forgets you don't shop on the sabbath!

Mrs. Organic said...

b - that was the worst part of it - she made it sound like we regularly attend "Bro. Winchell's" class.

I ended up taking her for a drink. Mr. O said that she ate a bowl of cereal and 2 cupcakes before church so I don't know how she could've been hungry.

Mrs. Organic said...

Bubbles - I know people who'd pay good money for a sweater like that. He's hilarious.