Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Can Make That!

It's true, we're an industrious people--always on the lookout for the perfect gift or home decor item. The cost of those gifts can add up, so we improvise. Sometimes we "share" ideas, someone lends us a pattern they loved or we quickly sketch out an approximation to make up later. Mostly, I think that's harmless, but part of me feels guilty for it. Which is, I guess, a confession of sorts.

What about the person who sees something, thinks to herself I can make that, makes it and then realizing just how great an idea it is, decides to cash in on it, too?

Problem is, that's outright theft. When did we get so cheap that we think it's alright not to compensate the artist for his or her work? It's almost as if we feel entitled, because after all, I can make that.

I do like the idea of a person taking an idea and making it even better (I mean society thrives on that), but the taking of an idea and presenting it as your own leaves me with a sick feeling.

What I want to know is - what are your thoughts on this. Is it ever okay to "borrow" ideas?


Millie said...

I think there's borrowing and then there's borrowing.

I don't see it as theft. I see it as "build a better mousetrap."

Up in Bubbles said...

I think great ideas are always borrowed. Tradtions, recipes, crafts, you name it someone origanally thought of it. That person is still amazing and I am thankful their are all those talented and creative people out there that I can get ideas from. I would not outright steal an idea from someone and call it my own.

Heffalump said...

I don't think cashing in on someone else's original idea is right, although there are some ideas that have been around forever that no one can really claim as their own idea since people have been revamping the same things for years.
I don't feel at all bad seeing something in a store though and making it for myself or as a gift if it's something I can figure out how to make.
It's kind of like eating out. Sometimes it's worth the money to me to save the effort of making it, and sometimes I can make something that tastes just as good or better with a little effort, and it's worth it to me to save the money. I don't plan to open up a restaurant of other people's recipes though...

Kim N said...

I have felt like it is okay to try to reproduce something as long as you aren't trying to sell it or make money off of someone elses idea. Also, like Millie said, building on others creations is a good way to make things even better.

No Cool Story said...

ITA with Heffalump.

Sadly I can't do "I can Make that". I don't have that gene :)