Friday, November 21, 2008

You know...that one

I'm going to see that movie tonight, not because I'm expecting cinematic greatness, but because it's my duty as a mom to check these things out. Not to say that my girls are going to see it, but I'm sure their friends will and they will chat it up to them - I've got to know where they're coming from, so it's basically my civic duty. Basically.

Also, it's the first date Mr.O and I have been on in since, like, forever. I'm thinking he doesn't realize it's a chick flick - he's heard that there are vampires in it, so it must be an action movie, right? Either way, he's my moral support research assistant so excuse us while we (ahem) research.


b. said...

I hope you're going to not really watch the movie and make out on the back row.

The Family G said...

Will you write me a movie review? I think I'm the only woman living in a developed country that hasn't read the book. Whitney's classmate tried to sneak her a book at school since her mean old mom won't let her read it before she does. Good thing she's honest!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Have fun "researching." Let us know the results.

Athena said...

you make me laugh. i can never get my husband to see a chick flick with me. however, one word of a vampire and such and i'm sure he'll not say no to seeing it! we'll probably not see this vampire movie though ;) but have fun!

Elizabeth-W said...

Sorry, G Mom. You ain't alone. Haven't picked up a copy, either.
Have fun, Mrs. O. Date night's a date night :D

Heffalump said...

Yeah...if the movie sucks you can always flirt with each other and try out the cheesy lines. Some things that sound romantic in a book just don't come out the same when you actually say it out loud.
Hope it was fun!

Mrs. Organic said...

Mom G - it wouldn't meet your movie criteria for her even though there's no swearing and only two kissing scenes. The first preview they showed made it hard for me to sleep (it was about possession and excorcism - incredibly awful, who makes this stuff? And also, I cannot believe they were showing that preview at a movie 11-14 year old kids are going to watch)

We did not make-out in the back row. We were in the middle.

The movie did (except for a few awkward scenes) keep you watching.

EW - you are so right, a date's a date and thankfully, no one died and the house did not burn down while we were out ;)