Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love a good deal

The retail gods smiled on me today - the chair that was originally marked sold, suddenly was not. I bought it, and I still got the discount that was offered last week. I know the clam shell design is a little 80s but hey, retro! Really, steel yourselves the clam shell is back and far more comfortable a chair than a pillow back.

On our way home from Ty's surgery follow-up, we stopped by the furniture store so I could return some fabric samples. It just so happened that the amazing couch we've had our eye on for Ty was 20% off. The budget is semi-blown for any other new sofas (thank you washing machine breakdown and subsequent replacement) so I made a last minute decision to change from a super safe neutral fabric to this one - maybe I should've gone this route. This is why I never decorate, I am immoblized by options.

And now for some natural lighting and better pics by Spielberg:

Thank you Hunt's pudding pack - puts the oo back in school.

Pencil sharpeners are more interesting these days - I kept thinking these were paper clip holders.

The business end of a quakie


Amber said...

I love that chair!

Virtualsprite said...

That is a gorgeous chair. I love the fabric and the colors.

Virtualsprite said...

Oh, shoot... darn Macs. sorry about the duplicate comments. Safari doesn't like Blogger.

Mrs. Organic said...

That's ok, I took care of it ;) Thank you for loving my chair.