Friday, November 7, 2008

Hairy Funkin, Hairy Funkin

If you've ever been the parent of a toddler, you may recognize the title of this post. It's how my son sang Where is Thumbkin when he first learned it. I also remember him trying desperately to push himself headfirst into an edition of Country Living.

It was open to a two-page spread of model trains - he even had his engineer's cap at the ready, "I geh ih nair, I wan geh in air." He repeated it over and over. I found it so amusing that I video-taped it - every Christmas we all laugh together at his antics.

I used to write something down about each child everyday - something cute, funny or mischievous or even downright frustrating. Occasionally, I pull out the journals and leaf through them, reading aloud the little gems from their childhoods. The kids get a good laugh and can't believe how funny they were at Ellie's age, "when all the world was new."

I'd better start doing it again so Ellie, too, can one day enjoy looking back and seeing how far she has come.


b. said...

That is a very sweet memory!

Because my mom is gone, I don't have the opportunity to call her and ask her what I was like at suchandsuch age. She did keep a journal at times, so I do have a very tiny glimpse of what life was like from her perspective.....
What I'm trying to say, is that it IS so important to write and keep record!

Elizabeth-W said...

She's a doll. I just adore her.
I miss babytalk. :(

Kim N said...

I love that stage of life. I am so so on writing in my kid's journals. I am happy I have the entries I have, but there is so much more I know I could have written that I have now forgotten. There is not a book in the house that my kids would rather I read to them instead of their journal.