Sunday, November 23, 2008

A gathering of sorts

If I were still homeschooling and had about 50x more patience (a girl can dream, can't she?) these are just a few of the blogs/sites I'd be all over:

Art and Nature
Nature Study - tons of links at the bottom
Sew Liberated - (used to be Montessori by Hand)
Art Projects for Kids
Charlotte Mason Companion

Murderous Maths
Living Math

Knowledge Web (by James Burke of Connections fame)
Hyper History

Print out paper
Sneaky ways to get kids writing
Creative Writing Prompts
A great resource page

Homeschool Diner

And lastly, I'm wondering something -
How civics-literate are you?


Athena said...

i did the civics test a couple weeks ago. i scored 90% but i still don't feel literate. it would had been nice to see how well more conservative type colleges did, or colleges like thomas aquinas and st john’s. although our children are doing well in public school i sometimes dream about homeschooling our two younger children.

Elizabeth-W said...

That quiz was fine until we got to the economics questions at the end. That totally ruined my score. But, thank heavens, I did better than the average score.