Wednesday, September 17, 2008


You know how some people can't talk without using their hands? And some people can't blog without using pictures?

I'm one of those. The latter, to be more specific.

Spielberg is taking a photography class that requires a digital camera. Mine. The only one in the house, and a poor one at that. Is it too early to go out and buy a Canon, a real camera with detachable lenses for Christmas and our anniversary and both our birthdays?

You know, for the family.

I have tons to show you and no way to do it -

Cocoa (who I met face to face recently and who is a very lovely person) is hosting a new feature called Wordfull Wednesday and this week's theme is "This is me."

This is me, and I play many roles.

I'm fortunate (some would say blessed) enough to be married to a man who is completely wonderful. I am feisty by nature, and when we first married if I wanted to pick a fight with him I would have to storm off to a room and lock the door because every time, every single time, I would start laughing as soon as he looked at me (we rarely disagree, and it usually happens when we're both tired). He is supportive and loving, works hard, and puts us first. He also has amazing calf muscles - icing on the cake!

I am a mother to five children. Each one of them has had their own medical trial to deal with, but my oldest child has endured rapid-fire medical crises these last three years. He amazes me with the pleasantness he still manages in the midst of so much pain. All of my children are important to me, and I am trying to become the mother they need. Sometimes I think I am a better nurse than a mom, but I am trying to change that. I want so much for my children to feel loved by me, to know that I know each one of them has a beautiful soul, and that no matter their circumstances they can turn to God and their parents for help.

I believe in God. Sometimes I don't understand Him, but I still believe He is there.

I am loyal. I've got your back. How can I help, please let me know.

I've had thyroid cancer. I mostly think I'm cured, but I still have niggling doubts. I've always thought that I would die young-ish, but it won't be from that.

Books, books, books! I love reading; whether it's out loud to my children or all night long to myself, I just can't get enough. It must be entertaining and well written in order for me to bother.

If I ever find the time again, I enjoy quilting and knitting. It is often the only time I am daring. I figure it's not going to hurt anyone if the quilt or sweater turns out ugly. It was still fun to make and I learned what not to do next time.

I used to love letter writing, the kind with paper, pens, envelopes and stamps. I was a stationary nut growing up. I still haven't recovered from my love of pens and their free-flowing ink swirling word loops across a page.

I research. If I don't understand something, I look up everything I can about it and then I come up with questions. Except for scouting, which I expect to learn by osmosis or lightening bolt. I especially love matters of law, rule, insurance or medicine. Try me.

I love baking, but not cooking which I do out of obligation and hunger.

I like having fun, but sometimes it takes more effort than I want to expend. Or maybe I am just more tired than I used to be. I start new things all the time, but finishing them is usually the hardest part. Witness: Ty's 3/4 painted room, the three sweaters currently on needles, the quilt tops in the craft bin, and the picked-but-not-yet-canned peaches on the counter.

I have Family Room Furniture Placement ADD and Decorating Dyslexia. They are real disorders and I have them, unfortunately there is no medical cure. My husband loves me anyway.

So now pull up a chair, have a delicious cookie and tell me about you.


JENNIFRO said...

I really liked this. You are so good at expressing yourself. Your posts always seem free-flowing and effortless. If was nice to learn more about you.....

Anonymous said...

I'm right with you on the decorating disorders. I just can't do it! So many people do such simple and cute things and I just can't pull it together!

Mommymita said...

decorating, knitting, and quilting are especially fun but are sure to require effort - isn't it so worth it though - a nice escape from it all.

You sure have some amazing stories to tell - thanks for sharing.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

You do have so many roles! It nice to have that quilting or knitting to rely on for some quiet, regrouping time when you are in the midst of one crisis or another. Your children really are blessed to have you as their mother!

Angela said...

Love the blog- I am a blog friend of Kristinas and popped here from her blog after seeing the pic of all of you at lunch! I'll be back! This is a great read!

compulsive writer said...

Great post! I have ADD of housework.

Bobbie said...

great post.. everyone has done so well at describing themselves... I need to reword mine now ;)

DesertHen said...

I have really enjoyed reading your post. So free-flowing....your children are blessed to have you for a mother....I don't know you personally, but I feel in my heart that your children are blessed!

I too am not so good at the decorating....I didn't get the decorating gene in my family, my sister did. She could make a yurt look like a palace!!!!

The Family G said...

Never too early for a great camera! We love our Cannon Powershot S3IS PowerShot. Would have been a total shame to do NZ without it. Worth every penny.

Is Decorating Dyslexia hereditary? Maybe it comes through our Dads' line.

Runningamuck said...

Great post! And since it's my first time to visit, it was an easy way to get to know you right off the bat. =0)

I'm so like you... I hate to post without a picture or ten. Glad to read I'm not the only one! lol

Mrs. Organic said...

It's been fun reading everyone's posts. My favorite are the personal ones. Oh! and the ones with pictures.

Family G - that's it! Both our moms can pull a room together (and I suspect you could too), but maybe I just don't care enough about it to do all the work.

Is there any such thing as the decorating fairy? You know, Poof! Insta-Room.

Running - Glad to see you here, this is my first time doing this feature. Let me know how that product works out.

Anonymous said...

You truly are amazing. You forgot that you are a great sister. I am also trying to figure out how to get a camera and which one to get. Let me know when you are done with your research and let me know which one to get. Kel

Michal said...

i have decorating ADD myself. i get grand ideas and run out of time/money/ambition halfway through. as a result, the only real accessories in my house are stacks of things that i need to put away in their real places!:)

jill said...

Great post! That was very interesting, I think it's great that you know yourself so well.

the lazy reader said...

Decorating Dyslexia. I like that. Me too. I am also a great researcher. I tend to go a little overboard wanting to read every book or website on a specific topic. I bet you have lovely and legible handwriting. Mine is tiny chicken scratch that not even I can read most of the time. We should all get together again. We will have so much more to talk about.