Sunday, September 21, 2008

Things I should tell you about Ellie

1. Her "maggot" friends - lately she has developed two imaginary friends (named Hailey and, um also Hailey). She overheard me telling someone that they were imaginary and started calling them her maggit friends. They have now graduated to "Magic" friends. She will ask me if they are with us in the car. I turn it around and ask her if they are. She tells me "Yes, I better buckow dem in. Buckow! Buckow! Shook! Shook!"

2. "I like Dinahsawrs. They are cute, just like mommies and green." She said this right after seeing the Sinclair dino, it's good to know that I rate right up there with Maggot dinosaurs.

3. "Can I pick your nose?" Every night I read her a couple stories and finish up with singing some favorite songs. One night, just after we'd belted out a much abbreviated version of Woopie Wye, she asked me, "Mommy, I pick your nose?" I told her of course not, that's really yucky and that I would rather have a kleenex. She then proceeded to inform me that "Daddy let's me pick him's nose." (Whah?!? Ewww!) When she made a snatch for mine, I realized she was talking about the game - I've Got Your Nose.

4. Hipanomanusses and Zreebahs, self-explanatory. English is hard.


In other news, the room has progressed so far as to know that we are definitely extending the wood floor into the family room and hallway, for sure. Probably.

Also, glazing the cabinets is cost-prohibitive, I mean I could half a kitchen's worth of brand spankin' new cabinets for what it would cost to glaze them. Neither one of those is happening unless I decide to risk it and glaze and lacquer them myself. Most likely we will keep the cabinets the way they are until they are eaten up with dry rot or something.

Painting? No numbers yet. I wish I had the skills to do the vaulted ceiling and cut it in perfectly, because I'd start Monday. I think we're going Oatmeal.

The jury is still out on the fireplace, but I have found a sofa that will accommodate Ty and not require an ottoman next to it. I'm not sure what the rest of us will sit on, but maybe Ellie has some Maggot chairs we can borrow.


Ty update

Lab results Sunday afternoon, pray him some good results please: No more infection.


Anonymous said...

That was cute about ellie and her maggot friends. That is exciting about the wood floors and a bummer about the cabinets. You know it could cost about 35$ if you paint them yourself, not highly recomended but definitly cheaper. It is just a lot of hard work. you could probably glaze them yourself, just practice on the inside of one you don't use that often. Kel

b. said...

Maggot friends can sometimes be the best kind!

She's so cute!

I'll pray for Ty.

the lazy reader said...

Okay, that just had me laughing out loud. Nothing is more amusing than listening to little kids. You never know what they are going to come up with.

Elizabeth-W said...

I love her!

Heffalump said...

Awwww. Little sweetie with her safely buckled maggot friends...

Anonymous said...

Maggot friends...that's awesome!

What a cutie!