Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Reasons you should take my sister shopping with you

1. She's nice

2. she's cute

3. and blond (believe me, it makes all the difference)

4. she has an amazing smile - it seems people will fall all over themselves to catch a glimpse of it

5. she has great taste

6. and good fashion sense

7. but best of all, she has this crazy kind of luck

8. it's a gift I tell you! For example, just during the time I've been here she purchased a dresser off Craig's List. When she went to pick it up, it didn't have the glass top anymore and it was the whole reason she wanted the dresser. She bought it anyway, but the people knew she was bummed about it. She felt sick that she still bought it, but she didn't want the sellers to feel bad - apparently another woman picked up a different dresser they were selling and then stole the glass off my sister's dresser. The next day, the people she bought it from called to let her know how taken they were with how nice she was about the whole thing. The guy had even tried to drive out to the woman's house to pick up the glass top, but the lady wouldn't play nice. However, it just so happened that he did have three more pieces lying around that matched her favorite dresser and he wanted her to have them, get this, for FREE. She bought one dresser and ended up with four.

7. Stuff like that happens to her all the time. Like when she was in college and she was given a clothing scholarship. Have you ever heard of that?

8. This gift of hers comes in handy when you're shopping in China town. We only ran into one sales person that wasn't taken with her charm, and he was just plain rude - he probably fell off the karma train a long time ago.

9. She didn't buy much, but she ended up with two "chi-chi" bags for the price of one. She bargained everything down as if she were buying it and then I paid for it - wow, did I get the deals!

10. With looks, personality, and blond hair your dollar goes so much further.

She is available for a nominal fee, all expenses paid (of course) excepting holidays and weekends. Pictures to come.

Do any of you know someone like this?


Anonymous said...

My BIL is like that, but he takes advantage of it!

Heffalump said...

How much will it cost?
I like to shop for good deals, but I don't have THOSE kind of skillz...

b. said...

So, you DO loan her out...nice to know.

...a clothing scholarship, wha??

....karma're too much!!

Jan said...

I can't wait to hear more about the awesome time you're having.
P.S. your little one is cute as ever but I think she may have got stung by a bee at our house last night. :(

Claudious said...

I don't know anyone like this, but it'd be nice to meet someone like this.

I totally misread: 4. she has an amazing smile - it seems people will fall all over themselves to catch a glimpse of it.

as "smell" instead of smile, and it made the post really amusing to me, I'm still laughing actually.

Elizabeth-W said...

I could totally use one of those folks!

JENNIFRO said...

Could not agree with you MORE! The girl works it and it's MAGIC!

But...she's "workable" as welll...ask her about ALLLL the perfume she bought last time we went to Chinatown!! Hilarious.