Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Mount Vesuvius of Pee

Sometimes, pee happens. And it happens in a really big flooding sort of way. Without going into too much detail, let me just say that it took 4 large towels worth of stomping up and down on the carpet to get it all up. The most amazing thing is that the diaper wasn't even wet. Unfortunately, the couch, quilt, chuks, and carpet were not spared the drowning. This is when I get really tempted to rip the old carpet out and put in Flor tiles or better yet, finish the whole thing in wood flooring,plop a rug down in the middle of it, and call it Good.

Usually, I would just clean it up and be done with it, but this episode came at precisely the wrong moment. I was in the middle of finishing up projects, shopping for just the right little gifts, packing the kids' suitcases, washing and folding mountains of laundry, bread baking and school shopping. In general, I was pretty maxed out in the stress department.

The Pompeii of Pee was pretty much the thing that pushed me off the Crazy Mama ledge. I kept laying down a towel that had been folded in fourths and then stomping for all I was worth - big heavy, shake the house kind of stomps. And I sorta raised my voice a little, okay whole lot. I was mostly mad at myself that I hadn't known to catheterize Ty and he'd been suffering from distended bladder most uncomfortably while I sewed, packed, and laundered away. Stupid, crazy mama!

Stuff like that really irks me (I was going to say pisses me off, but that's not something you say in polite company. You have to admit, it'd be really fitting in this instance).

After my little tantrum and all that stomping, my calves felt like they were on fire. I was pretty sure that I must have DVT. My legs throbbed for three days afterward - serves me right. But I was worried that during my upcoming, long plane flight one of those clots was going to let loose and I'd die of a pulmonary embolism leaving my kids only Heaven knows where. Can you say STRESSED? But we made it, no DVT, no embolism, phew!


b. said...

I'm so glad you made it safely.

Elizabeth-W said...

Oh no!
Like b, I'm glad you're okay. And I totally hear that kind of worry.
Enjoy your trip!

SuzieBel said...

When I think back on ALL the Stupid, Crazy things I've done it makes me cringe. Life's sooo hard and unfair at times. Remember the good things you do - almost every minute of everyday.

Claudious said...

I get like that too, just one thing on top of another until I feel like my only outlet is some amazing calve exercises, awesome discovery, you should make a video!