Thursday, August 21, 2008

Garden Update - A Season of Green

Anaheim Chili peppers

Holy Roma!

Sweet Onions - yum!

The overgrown peach tree and squash garden

I'm not sure what this is - honey dew? or watermelon?

Thornless blackberries, coming soon



The big picture

Golden Butternut
Tomato heaven
Delicata squash


Kim N said...

Any chance I can hire you as my garden consultant when I start my garden next year? It looks beautiful! (and delicious!)

Claudious said...

I love how your garden grows. I don't see any pumpkins, but those tomatos and green beans sing to me.

I never noticed how your garden is raised, that's so beautiful!

athena said...


Anonymous said...

I'm literally salivating with jealousy!! Great pics!

jill said...

You have quite the green thumb!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Talk abour having a green thumb. Good job!