Saturday, July 26, 2008

100 Things, Part 3

Things people will NOT accuse me of being
51. An early riser
52. Any sort of morning person
53. Small-boned
54. Clutter-free
55. Still
56. Quiet
57. Angelic
58. Laid back
59. Hypnotize-able (I've tried three times-won't work)
60. "Hip"

Random Things I've done
61. danced in a tv special
62. have thyroid cancer
63. placed first in a poetry contest
64. been anorexic (damn irony)
65. been in a commercial
66. had an ectopic pregnancy (hurt worse than anything)
67. jogged a 5K & really, really hated it
68. won the school spelling bee
69. had hypothermia
70. given someone an emergency tracheotomy with a ball point pen (not really, just checking to see if anyone is actually reading these)

I exhibit OCD tendencies in the following ways only
1. loading the dishwasher
2. checking the locks at night, but only once
3. the TP must be installed so it comes off the front
4. I like to sort small things into groups of five - m&m's, raisins, choc. chips
5. reading directions - must. do. it.

How about you? Any random things you've done, any OCD tendencies? What will people not accuse you of being?


Mrs. Organic said...

ew - comment erased.

Heffalump said...

Ah..yes about the toilet paper. Its really hard not to turn it the right way when I am at someone else's house (like my mil). Those extremely rare times when one of the boys changes the roll they almost always put it on backwards and I have to change it anyhow.
Dishwasher...check. As a teen I would get a drink of water just to dirty a glass so that everything on the top rack would be evenly balanced. I had a system. Now I am slightly glad I don't have a dishwasher, and yet I still wish I did.
You already know my M&M obsession...

Mrs. Organic said...

It sounds like we are kindred spirits. I will reload the entire dishwasher so that each dish is in the right spot for maximum efficiency.

Claudious said...

I check the locks and windows every night, I dont' know if I do it for OCD or if it's just from having lived in Phoenix once... and where I live now requires it too.

I was OCD about checking the time, so I got rid of my watch... so maybe it's not OCD... I'm totally OCD about being clean, and making sure that whomever touches my food is clean, and that if I shake someones hand I wash my hands before I touch anything, if I can help it.

Mrs. Organic said...

sounds ocd to me or maybe just fastidious. After living in the Philippines, the fear of germs doesn't seem to get to me as much.

Kim N said...

I don't like anyone to drink out of my water bottle...not even my husband or kids. I can kiss their dirty faces, but I won't take another drink if they put their lips on my water bottle. I can even share a soda or juice...just not water.

I also have to check on my kids right before I go to bed. It doesn't matter if I checked on them twenty minutes before. It has to be the very last thing I do before going to sleep.

The Lazy Organizer said...

Where? What comment?

My husband wishes I would read directions!

Anonymous said...

I'd have to add "hip" to my list as well. I try to be at least not horibly out of touch, but I'll never be "hip".

I have to check the doors as well, and the knobs on the stove. The light off isn't enough, I have to make sure all of the knobs are facing up. (I just realized that I haven't been as bad about that one in this new house...) I also have to make sure my sleeping kids are breathing...not just as babies!

Fun lists!

up in bubbles said...

Wow, I was freaking out when I read the tracheotomy part. As for the OCD part my husband thinks I have it when it comes to cleaning, and I just have to remind him thats what all moms do and their job is never ending. I could always have something to clean. I also like my toilet paper to come off the front.

Marne said...

WOW. What an amazing list! This is great...I may have to copy the idea! A fun way to record some personal and family history facts too!

b. said...

Ok, I call BS on 57, 58, and 60.

And I'm with you on all of your OCD's.