Friday, July 25, 2008

100 Things, Part 2

Some Things I Like
26. Tomatoes
27. Chocolate - probably shoulda been first
28. Dr. Pepper with Mexican food
29. Fancy pens/composition notebooks - total addict
30. Music, all sorts (except heavy death metal)
31. Flowers!
32. Reading (probably due to the read ants that swarmed me in the last post, oops)
33. Foreign films, or should I say reading subtitles
34. My bed
35. Excessive use of parentheses and hyphens (I think it's psychological)

Some Things I Don't Like
36. Cats
37. Most Adam Sandler movies, Wedding Singer excepted
39. Sweating
40. Add to that Excessive Heat
41. Beets!
42. Hearing people eat, that's why music was invented
43. Harmoans (as grandma would say)
44. Really spicy food - I'm a total wimp
45. The price of gas

Some Things That Don't Like Me
46. Cats - the feeling is mutual
47. Gold - nearly lost a finger
48. Oranges in excess
49. Dawn dish detergent
50. And 44 out of 52 other items on the Allergy Scratch Test


Claudious said...

I don't like cats either, they're cute... but too much work for too little reward. When I was single I used to watch a lot of foreign films, I married someone who doesn't care for the symbolism and sketchy endings (they're not always happy)

Mrs. Organic said...

Maybe that's the best thing about a foreign film, you never know what you're going to get.

Elizabeth-W said...

I abhor cats.
And love foreign movies.
That's sad about the gold thing :( Have you erased my comment yet???

b. said...

I hate cats too.