Thursday, June 12, 2008

Putting it out there

Awhile back, I came across a list on someones blog of 40 Things to Do Before Turning 40. I loved the idea and made my own '40 Things' list. I'm thinking of posting it here for added motivation and commitment, but then it scares me a little too.

What do you think, would you put something like that on your own blog?

In other news, I attended a Dream Dinners Open House tonight with a friend. Yes, it's pricey, and you could possibly make the meals for less, but the mess gets made in someone else's kitchen. They are quality meals perfect for when the well of recipe inspiration has run dry and you just can't bear feeding the kids another bowl of macaroni, ramen, or cereal for dinner (you know, not that I do that or anything). Besides, they saved my bacon a time or two when Ty was at chemo clinic or staying inpatient 4 days for chemo treatments.

I was so brain dead by the end of those hospital sessions that these gourmet meals were just what I needed. Check them out, they even do 'parties' where you invite guests, sample that month's recipes, and make a (generous) 3 serving entree -the hostess ends up with one free dinner for each session her guests schedule. And there are 17 options to choose from each month. Just to be clear, no one has asked me to review them or even given me anything to tell you about it, I just really like the food and the service (it's run by two moms and we moms need to stick together!)

If you're too busy to assemble your own order, you can pay a fee to have it done for you - very cool! This month I highly recommend the Chicken Yakatori Over Rice and the Chicken with Sesame Honey Butter. They use whole grain pastas and rice (but you can substitute the white versions if you like). I think I have a food crush. Find a location near you and happy dinner!


b. said...

That ship has sailed.
But I think 40 is too young for a things to before list.

Push it to 60, and I might play.

Dream Dinners was fun! The food was pretty good too.
Too pricey for right now, but I'd consider doing it again if the funds were there.

Jendeis said...

I've got my 101/1001 list on my sidebar, and I definitely think you should put your 40 before 40 on your blog. :) Would love to see what's on there.

I am a huge fan of Dream Dinners. Been going for several months now and it is really a dream come true. My next session is next Saturday and I am sooooo looking forward to it.

Elizabeth-W said...

You can post your list on my blog if you don't want to look at it too often. I don't want to think about that list--I've got less than 365 days and laundry to get done in the meantime. Now....if the list had something like "put laundry away the day it gets washed"...I might be up for a list like that for myself. ;)

The Family G said...

I’d love to see your 40 by 40 list! I have a lifetime list, 40 just seems to close to get done all the cool things I want to do. (Not to mention I don’t think I’ll have the money for some of them before I turn 40 anyway.)

Funny that you posted dream dinners, because I was just reading Serenity’s blog and thinking you and I should help Adria put a bunch of dinners in the freezer. What do you think?

b. said...

I'd come and do that with you (for adria) if you'd let me!

I came back to say that you don't need no stinking list...(unless of course you want one). You've experienced more before you hit 40 than most people will in a lifetime.

I dunno, I suppose maybe a fun list would be good. said...

Soo good to know!!

Mrs. Organic said...

Family G and B. - we should throw some dinners together for her. They are assembling this month's dinners for her. But maybe I can get a list of recipes their families like and we can have a cooking party.

It really helped me out to have a freezer full of options when we were in crisis mode.

the lazy reader said...

I've seen a lot of 101 in 1001 on blogs. Seems like a great adventure.

Annie said...

I could use this. I am ready for a big kick in the pants when it comes to the kitchen.