Thursday, June 26, 2008

How doggies wipe their nose

In case you were wondering - it involves a tongue

She begged me to take a picture of her and this is a close as we got to standing still and looking at the camera.

And now that you're here, won't you take a minute to ooh and ahhh over the latest finished project?
I made this with a prestitched Seaside Rose panel,
added a border and hand quilted roses on a swirly vine
(this shot is for the binding geeks out there)
in a diamond pattern. This one is for my sister K~ should she ever have need for a feminine look in a Shabby Chic nursery. Otherwise, I'm keeping it to drool over.


Alisha said...

lovely. you are inspiring me to actually finish that dern quilting project i've been "working on" for over a year now :)

Anonymous said...

Again, I need to learn how to do this!

Cute little girl, too!

Elizabeth-W said...

Fifi is adorable! But you knew that, right? :)

Shabbee Chick said...

Ca-yute doggie!

up in bubbles said...

If I have another boy you will have to give it to me anyway, because I would be way to sad not getting a girl and the quilt. Wish me luck.

The Family G said...

I must see that quilt in real life! It is inspiring me. How hard are those roses to quilt by hand? Beautiful!

compulsive writer said...

Sooooo beautiful!