Wednesday, May 7, 2008


1. When you have to choose between feeling wound tight as a drum, like there is a wild mustang stampede in your chest and not losing weight, the drum/mustang feeling is not all that practical.

2. Proper spelling is overrated over-rated probably a good thing to shoot for.

3. My son can build stuff - pretty amazing stuff.
He built it from all the garden trellis scraps - his own design and sturdy construction. His thoughts? He's definitely taking wood shop next year.

4. If you do not get ready for the day or if you absolutely must run errands, that is when the school will call for help with your son. I do not mind running over there at all (after all there are some things only a mom should do), but it seems the call only comes when I am grubby, in sweats, working in the yard, or across town running errands. This is when it would be really cool to be able to say, "Beam me up, Scottie," after hopping out of my Jetson's Insta-makeover pod.

5. Sometimes the baby and I have some free time and we take goofy pictures (she really does have hair but I had coaxed it into french braids that day)

6.Spring has
7. And lastly, chocolate always tastes better when you're not supposed to have it.
Do you have any observations to share?


Anonymous said...

Wow, that table your son made is fantastic. I would have thought you bought it at a store!

The Lazy Organizer said...

All cute stuff! How old is your son? I've got to get my boy building furniture for me. As soon as he finishes learning HTML so he can build a website for me first!

Cocoa said...

The table looks fantastic. And can I just tell you I love the color of your hair in that pic? It sure brings out your eyes!

up in bubbles said...

Cute pic of the two of you. Love the garden/flowers. Lastly holy cow R. you are amazing. That is a very goog looking piece of furniture. To bad you are not closer because the boys would love to build with you. They could learn some good stuff from you. What a great job.

Elizabeth-W said...

There shouldn't have to be an either/or on that first one :(
That is a much darker color, no? Like it!
She's got enough hair to braid now? What a grownup!

Mrs. Organic said...

My son is very flattered by your compliments - thanks for making his day. He's 13 and good at this kind of thing.

cocoa - thank you, I'm not sure if it's my natural color or not - I don't have a line, and except for the grays it all blends.

bubbles - he wishes you all were closer too (maye he should come hang out this summer)

ew - there was definitely hairspray and much coaxing involved and my sentiments exactly on that first one.

Marne said...

Very nice table. He has talent!

Heffalump said...

I observe that you are a very observant person. I hope you are having a good week!

b. said...

Sorry about 1.
2.I've been guilty of a few misspells lately.
3.WOW! He's good!! Yes, definitely channel that talent!
4.It's the law.
5.You both are adorable!
6.Sort of. But your tree is beautiful!

b. said...

9.I'd like to be the bag winner, those are awesome!

Mrs. Organic said...

marne - my son thanks you

heff - thx

b - yo! what happened to #8 and it's loooking like your odds are pretty good on #9 - you can't beat 1:12.