Friday, April 19, 2013


So, the test is finally done (the analysis we've tried to do for months now-result in a couple weeks and then hopefully some recommendations for treating these damned stones).

Ty has been sick all week, sicker than he's been in a very long while. Nothing has really appeased him, and I find myself longing for those days when he used to weigh a mere 25 pounds and I could still curl him into ball tucked against my shoulder and rub his back to comfort him.

We both finally slept more than two hours in a row last night for the first time since Monday, and it was heavenly. Meanwhile, he's passed even more stones. I think I've given up my right to ever complain about my neck and ear pain again (yes, the ear pain is still here).

Spielberg entered several pieces in his high school art show and placed third in Mixed Media with an Honorable Mention in Photography (this piece nearly went to private auction).

Michelle has been busy with volleyball - her team took second at her tournament. She's excited for driver's ed,a summer job and starting up refereeing soccer soon.

Nicole started up her first season of track and without any training in long jump has managed to really well. She's also running 100 m, 200 m, and some relays. She took third out of 24 girls in the 100 meters at one of her meets.

Ellie is growing like a weed and her hair is long and beautiful, too. She reads like a champ, practices piano every day, and has just started up with soccer again.

How're things with you?


Tebbs Family said...

Thanks for the update! Things have been quiet in your corner lately. So sorry to hear about Ty's constant pain and pray he finds relief soon. You have amazing and talented kids which means you are living a crazy, busy yet fun life. Good thing they have you for their mom!

Holly said...

I love you, Corrie! You do good work.

Melody said...

Wonderful photo. Wonderful words. Your family is thriving. What a gift. Well done, Mr and Mrs Watkins.

Melody said...

Oh, yeah. And things are fine at my place. No news is good news.