Sunday, October 21, 2012


 Ty is freshly buffed, exfoliated, and nearly shining like the top of the Chrysler Building. He had his first post-surgical shower/soak/scrubbing down which is so much better than all the bed baths in the world. It was pretty much the longest shower in the world.

Even though we were both nervous about it, he did great and I know he feels almost human again. One more week, and we'll see what the surgeon has to say about how long before he can head back to school again.

I think all the nausea must have been Tyler's version of the stomach bug that made it's way through here because he's doing pretty well (touch wood) these days. I think he may even be ready to wean back to regularly-scheduled life. He is even wearing pants again. Hallelujah.

 Saturday I watched two of my girls play their end-of-season soccer games, and I really enjoyed seeing their different styles of play. Team players both, going after it, getting in there, lots of heart, different ages, different skill levels, but never giving up. I have some pretty fantastic kids.

Today marks the second time in a year that I've been more than a few miles on the bike. Mr. O is a good sport to ask me to go with him (slow as I am), and it felt good. Slow but sure.


Melody said...

Aaahh. . .


MJ said...

This just makes me happy. Ride your bike a little for me!

mCat said...

Ty wearing pants again and you on the bike. Good milestones indeed!