Thursday, July 19, 2012

9:27 PM

I am sitting on the sofa, and in about 20 minutes Spielberg and Michelle will come home and tell us about EFY. Today was a dressy day.

I'm sitting here because I went outside to shock the pool which officially "smells of foot" (the diagnosis the pool tech gave which means there is zero chlorine in it which equals $$$) because cousins are hoping to swim tomorrow. Let's hope I can play at chemist well enough that no one goes home with e. Coli or whatever crazy bacteria was infecting all the public pools a few years back. Then I decided to take out the trash, and then I noticed that the wisteria was too Jungley, so I started breaking off the new vines. I am wildly allergic to Wisteria (even though I love it), but I pressed my luck and moved on, weeding one square foot next to the path, clearing it entirely of grass.

And now I'm too tired, my head too sore to peel myself off the couch and slip downstairs to help my grandma get ready for bed, but I will do it anyway because she is my grandma. And she is awesome.

P.S. I visited with my neurologist today, hoping for answers. She has none, and instead doubled my dose and told me to wait a week - let's see if it calms the nerves down without turning me into the Michelin tire guy while simultaneously killing all my taste buds. Fingers crossed.

In related news, I feel eleventy hundred years old.

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