Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sideways Bottom

I haven't just hit bottom with all this ear pain, I've hit sideways bottom. As in my lower-half (bottom) is getting more and more sideways. I've decided that the only thing worse than feeling the pain is to feel all tired and muffiny on top of everything. Or muffin-toppy. So I'm quitting my medicinal helpers and getting back down to the business of being fit and healthy. Join me, won't you?

This rice bag and I are the best of friends these days. I heat it up, put it on my pillow, make a little hollowed-out spot for my ear to rest in and then...I lay down and the spikes coming out of my eyeball recede ever so slightly.

My friend and doula made it for me as a gift when I had Ellie. Who knew that six years (and a few mended rips) later it would still bring me comfort?

In the garden, there's a row of peppers still waiting to be yanked out by their stems. I've resisted pulling them out so that I can photograph their hunched-over spines. I'm sympathetic to these peppers. I know how they feel, and somehow pulling them out after they're all used up seems to hit too close to home. I feel like a bit of traitor using them like that. We won't talk about me putting them in salsa to swim with mangoes...that's entirely different.

I have enough photos for my month of sunsets, but I don't want to post them as that will feel like a sunset on my sunset photos. It's a conundrum, I tell you.


radioactive girl said...

I am so sorry you are still in pain. Do they have any idea what is causing it? I know they have made guesses but has anything helped you yet??? I absolutely know how you feel and am thinking good thoughts and hoping it gets better soon!

Tebbs Family said...

Too bad you couldn't function fully walking around with a continuous morphine drip. Sorry for your pain--I can't even imagine!

mCat said...

The damn ear pain HAS TO GO! I'm so sorry friend.

Love me the rice/cron bag though....I would be lost without mine.

And I love the sunset pictures.

Emily said...

Wish Santa could bring you a pain-free Christmas...and 2012 and 2013...