Thursday, August 18, 2011

Burning Questions

Too bad The Universe doesn't have a Formspring account, because there's a couple of things I'd really like to know.

Such as

1 Where do all the socks get off to? Why don't they make a break for it together?
2 Do they meet up with all my missing scissors and dental floss packs to jump rope?

And is it really necessary for American chocolate to be so waxy?

Now it's your turn. What questions would you ask the Universe?


Elizabeth-W said...

Socks metamorphose while in the warm dryer into wire hangers at the back of your closets.
--The Universe

M-Cat said...

Good question about the socks.

I think I would want to know why everything worth eating has to have so many freaking calories!

Up in Bubbles said...

I have all the same questions. Why are the things that taste so yummy not good for you? Why do you like sleep so much when you are an adult and not when you are a kid?