Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Am Hideous

And I'm okay with that, sometimes you just have to be, and resorting to sister wives 'dos tends to hide some of your major hair faults. This week an MRI confirmed what I'd been thinking all along - that this pain is not just all in my head, it's in my neck

And, not to put it delicately, my neck sucks rocks.

I met with my doctor on Wednesday to discuss the findings and by today they had me in clinic for a shot to my neck. They used fluoroscopy to inject a contrast and make sure they're hitting just the right spot. My nerve is so inflamed that the doctor didn't think they'd be able to get it, but they did. Zing! In a few days I should know if it's going to do the trick. Gnarly neck shot, eh?

As a small public service from me to you: It's never not going to hurt when someone says these words: "You're going to feel a little pressure, maybe a pinch," but by then you're half nekkid with a foreign object in your body, and it's too late to get up off the table. Much like a visit to the ObGyn.

Mr. O and I grabbed some guilt-free lunch (there is a guilt pass on food for the rest of the day when needles are involved).

I came home and had a massage in an attempt to break up the muscle tension. This always ends with a marvelous scalp rub - thus the mega hideousness. I couldn't see the sense in washing and doing my hair this morning when it was just going to end up all greasified this afternoon. I just have my hair's health in mind, you know.  And then I was just too relaxed/lazy/unmotivated to rectify the situation that is my hair. Junior high hair, I believe it's called.
Yes, I took a picture as proof, but I guess I'm not vain enough to keep it to myself. Let's just say that junior high hair might hold the key to the Libyan Oil crisis, if my photo is any gauge.

At least I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Now if I could just convince Mr. O to wear a blindfold, I could probably keep this up until at least tomorrow night. Please, please let this shot work. This pain in my neck/back has gone on for over 5 weeks now, and I'm officially crying "Uncle!"

PS. I have no idea why I could possibly be smiling about the state of my hairs. Except that none of these new developments adds up to cancer. Suh-weet. Have a lovely weekend!


dalene said...

I think you're gorgeous and it takes particular courage to flash a smile when you're in so much pain. Hope you find relief from said pain soon.

Kristina P. said...

Oh, my. I am cringing in pain right along with you. That looks terrible.

Heffalump said...

Yay for no cancer!

Emily said...

That neck shot is awesome as is the hair. Too bad I can't pull off a sister wives' hairdo. I'd love to try it, bangs and all!

Sell Family Brag Blog said...

Your hair looks amazing! I would let you do mine, because I don't like to.

And oh my word...your neck. I am sorry!

Sell Family Brag Blog said...

Ooooops I was logged in to the wrong email...sorry! Its Evonne.

M-Cat said...

Hoping the shot works! And yes, I know the feeling of "you might feel a little pressure" and then wanting to scream at them to take whatever the crap they have stuck into your neck and shove it you know where!

Kimberly said...

I guess there's something to be said for having gone through the worst already, but I'm so sorry you've been hurting so badly and really hope the shot works!

Plus, I think you look gorgeous and elegant in the first picture, and hilariously adorable in the second. =)

radioactive girl said...

I am totally with you on the pain thing when people say it is going to be pressure and a pinch. Liars!

Hopefully the shot will make you feel much better. It looks scary enough that it better work, right?

You look beautiful! And I am with you on the totally guilt free eating on days involving needles.

Emma J said...

You are never hideous. Never.

Mrs. Organic said...

You are all wonderful, and I wish you could live with me, follow me around and speak all these kind things to me. I'd do it for you, and I'd fold your laundry too.