Tuesday, February 1, 2011


In my experience, don't ever tell Monday to "Stick it" as it will only come back to bite you. Found out I don't have an infection (hallelujah!), but I do have spasms (not so hallelujah). However, the medicine seems to have worked in calming them (back to hallelujah!).

My back problem is due to a couple of herniated discs in my neck. I've spent all weekend plastered up with Icy Hot patches. Ellie hugged me last night and said, "Mom, you smell like a cough drop." She's right, I was rank with menthol. L'eau de Granny.

I remembered that one of my friends has a Master in Chinese Healing Arts, and I'm headed to her office this week for some needle therapy. I am desperately hoping it helps, but if not I still get to catch up with an old friend.

The stars have aligned and Ty was worked into an emergency slot for his hip injection, so back to the hospital for him. Please let this one take.

Oh! We had a minor fender bender which could've been so much worse. Thankfully we were merely clipped rather than in a full on rear end collision. No injuries that we can tell.

I resumed "working out" and danced all crazy like for 500 calories worth in one hour of Just Dance 2. I even topped a few scores, but otherwise I'm going to need lots of practice to beat my girls, not that it's a contest (but it so is).

Today was Pillow Change Over Day, I expect we'll all wake with stiff necks from sleeping on such luxurious, cloud-like comfort tonight. We hold Pillow Change Over Day far too infrequently, but really, it couldn't wait any longer. I even fully stocked the guest room with lovely, fluffy pillows - won't you come stay?

Probably the low point in my mothering today is the fact that dinner was served fresh and semi- warm straight from Panda Express rather than from my very own larder and stove-top. As a bit of an saving grace I did prepare a roast with potatoes and carrots yesterday.

My parents came over to play game of Ancestor Memory Match and to share some caramel popcorn. Growing up Sundays were always caramel popcorn days coupled with watching old family films. This time Spielberg gave a lesson on climbing the proverbial rock wall of life and as all the kids had been recently rock climbing they shared their experiences in choosing the right way and the many different paths one can choose to get to the top. It was a huge hit as a lesson and one this kids will remember. We finished off by breaking out the caramel corn and playing a massive memory match game, learning stories about our ancestors as their respective cards were flipped over.

It was a delightful evening. After the kids were down for the night, Mr. O and I watched glimpses of us on our wedding day. My, but we were thin and beautiful even though our glasses were as big as our faces. And one day we'll be sitting back watching glimpses of our children at their own weddings. Time is just a clicking away.

As an aside: Spielberg took several wonderful photos today, despite the horrible weather and glummy skies.


Kristina P. said...

My husband has this stuff called Tiger Balm, which is basically Icy Hot on crack. It is potent!

Emily said...

Caramel corn and a movie (and a great matching game) sound like the perfect family night! And I think you need to come over and teach my girls how to rock the Just Dance thing! Hope you're feeling better very, very soon!

Emma J said...

"glummy skies" - what a perfect word! Lucky you to have the old family movies - but I'm so sad to hear all the health-unluck dogging your heels this past month! About time you ditch those bad puppies, huh?

M-Cat said...

You serio need a discussion with the health Gods and be done with all this crap!